Welcome to the Coven, enjoy your first tea party. Featuring LiViD

It has been over a year now since I have blogged anything from LiViD, and whether that has been unconsciously on purpose, of if I have just missed the deliveries with my absences, I don’t know.  But for the year prior to that, almost every post I did for LiViD I did in combination with one of the most amazing women to ever walk this planet.  Last April she left this world which was filled with pain and illness for her, and entered the world of angels, which is appropriate, since that was her name.  When I saw the delivery at the end of last week from LiViD I actually smiled and got excited about doing a post with my friend on my mind.  I could hear her in my ear as I decorated this scene, “put this there”, “that looks stupid woman, move that thing,” and instead of feeling the intense sense of loss that has accompanied my thoughts of her over the year, I was smiling and blew a kiss to the heavens, it was refreshing, to say the least.  Grief is a fickle flower in my opinion, because it often jumps up to bite you at the most unexpected times, and it isn’t until a moment like this that you realize you have moved past the grief to a better place.  I miss her terribly and every day she is on my mind but it no longer paralyzes me, and I hope those who shared her light are starting to feel the same way.  And to celebrate that, let’s have a tea party with your local witches or the Coven next door.

LiViD has released two different tea collections in April, the Coven Tea Party set is a new release in the store that comes complete with tables, chairs, tea, as well as Tea Leaf Reading and Rune sets, and an adorable black cat curled up on the ottoman.  Also, the Witches Tea Party set is party of the Egg Hunt going on in the store, which has several pieces not featured here so make sure to “hop” by the store and get your hunt on to check out all the truly fabulous pieces from LiViD.  Every piece in both collections is incredibly well made and textured with an amazing attention to detail.  Check out that leather texture!  It is truly gorgeous and you can count on these chairs becoming a permanent part of my home (when I finally get one set up again)!  I love all the little details in these sets, like the Raven holding the invitation, tea leaf reading cups, to the Black Hat Society Memorial which I thought belonged up on the mantle, but of course pick yours up and decorate until your heart is content!  Be sure to check out the list below so you can also pick up the altar from Soy as well as the pentacle rug from unKindness, a past release, which happen to work quite nicely with the sets from LiViD.  Enjoy your shopping and remember being a witch isn’t just about Halloween, so invite your favorite witch over for some tea and make their heart happy!  
Build – Scarlet Creative – Arcade home so check past Gachas at the store

Table and Chairs – LiViDCoven Tea Party – Armchairs, 2 hi-back chairs

Ottoman with Cat – LiViDCoven Tea Party

Tea – LiViDCoven Tea Party – Tea Set

Tea Leaf Reading – LiViDCoven Tea Party – Tasseomancy Set

Runes – LiViDCoven Tea Party – Runes Set

Hat and Photo – LiViDThe Black Hat Society MemorialWitches Tea Party Egg Hunt

Cauldron on Table – LiViDWitches Tea Party – Floating Candles Cauldron – BlackWitches Tea Party Egg Hunt

Lantern on Table – LiViDWitches Tea Party – Little LanternWitches Tea Party Egg Hunt

Raven and Invite – LiViDWitches Tea Party – InvitationWitches Tea Party Egg Hunt

Planters – LiViDMedium and Large Cauldron Planter – Witches Tea PartyWitches Tea Party Egg Hunt

Altar on Mantle – SoyEssentials of Witchcraft

Rug – unKindnessCharmed Parlor Set – Rug

Have a wonderfully wicked rest of your day and remember to always stay true to your style and make today’s trends in fashion and home decor work for you!

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