Aurora Borealis

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Aurora Borealis
by Nellie Seelye Evans
There is a flower of climate rare,
That never bloomed for me,
I searched the wood, I searched the moor,
I robbed the emerald sea.
Alone upon an icy coast,
By Arctic’s hem it grows,
Its beauty is intoxicant
To those who brave the snows.
But when the Bear shines clear and high
I dream of Polar night.
Wherein this wondrous flower blooms
In sheaves of rainbow light.
This absolutely stunning dress is a brand new creation from Zanze that is a must have for your next special occasion!  The “Nice Wild Crocus Gown” is intricately detailed from the bottom to the top including the delicate styling across the back making this dress spectacular from any side.  The dress is available in several colors and each one is an gorgeous as the pink, pictured here.  If you haven’t had the chance…

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