The time of the year when a perfect cup of hot cocoa hits the spot.

I started this post one way this morning, and now by early afternoon my mood has completely changed and I decided to talk about something else entirely!  I know the rest of the country has already had snow, and it’s starting to feel a bit like Winter for you all, but here in the mountains of Arizona we still hover almost ten degrees above normal and our mountains, that stand over twelve thousand feet in elevation, are barren of snow.  This is the strangest and warmest I can remember it being here in Flagstaff in the last fifteen years, and I am starting to worry about what happens this Summer when fire season hits and we have had no snow to drench the thirst of the trees and grasses that have grown out of control.  Until then I am praying for snow here in the high country, even though I am heading to the warmer climate down in Phoenix with the family, I would still love to see snow when we return!  Every night as we make a fire I think about having a cup of hot chocolate, sitting down to relax, and you can bet I will be hovering near a table like this at the other half’s annual Christmas party, because after all, it is the perfect time of year for a cup of hot chocolate!

The time of the year when a perfect cup of hot cocoa hits the spot

Aphrodite has once again satisfied my craving with the creation of this absolutely fabulous new hot chocolate stand, complete with festive Winter decor, and adorable puppy!  The Hot Chocolate Station is an exclusive Gacha for The Frozen Fair, with each piece being hand crafted and designed to accent each other and this time of year.  Do yourself a favor and head by the event and check out the items for yourself, you won’t be disappointed!!

The Decor Details

The Build – Scarlet CreativeSylvia House

Hot Chocolate Table and Holiday Decor – AphroditeHot Chocolate Station Gacha @ The Frozen Fair

Fireplace, Trees, Slippers, Reindeer, Room Divider, SignhiveCozy Christmas Gacha @ The Arcade

Have a wonderfully wicked rest of your day and remember to always stay true to your style and make today’s trends in fashion and home decor work for you!


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