Life happens while you are making plans – Featuring Ashmoot

In the last twenty four hours our entire lives have changed as the youngest, who graduated in June, decided to leave home all of the sudden and move down to Phoenix.  Most parents have a bit of notice and some time to get used to the idea of their children going to college or moving out and we are still reeling from the news while he has woken up in a new home this morning with the whole world before him.  He has some health issues, so his father and I are biting our nails hoping he is mature enough to handle all the things he has to, and to take care of himself.  Which I know is the worry of all parents, but when you add in needed medications, it becomes a greater stressor.  But in the end this is his chance to prove something to himself, not just to us.  So while we were making plans for the future of the family, life happened and now we have to regroup and see how things go before we continue with our plans.  Though I am a bit fearful, at the same time I am SO excited for him!  To be out in the world for the first time at 18 is a challenging and yet amazing time, especially when you are living with a friend and finding your way for the very first time.  For Christmas this year the greatest gift we could get is a happy, healthy, well adjusted young man out on his own, living his dream!

I'm out here looking like revenge

For the first time I think in forever, the above part of my post has nothing to do with the photo, which just shows I write off the top of my head!  This outfit has me feeling fierce, fabulous, and yes, a bit like revenge, though I’m not sure why!  I have been looking for a reason to use this chair from SEUL for months now, and today was the day!  I love the poses and since it came from a gacha, there are lots of colors to pick up, so go check it out, but before you do, you must stop by Ashmoot and grab this sexy, stunning, fun new ensemble!  From the top of your head to the tip of your toes you will be decked out in perfect crocheted pieces and layers in stunning fabrics!  The ensemble is complete with appliers for mesh bodies, which includes a gorgeous crochet bikini under the pieces seen in this post.  Since I wanted to use the chair I draped the fur vest over the chair, and tossed my purse on the floor, settling in to relax for a few minutes after the emotional roller coaster the last twenty four hours has been.  Ugh, I can’t even describe how fantastic this outfit is, so go pick it up for yourself, you won’t be disappointed!!

The Fashion Details

Head – LeLutkaChloe 3.0

Body – MaitreyaLara

Skin – Glam AffairMilena

Hair – TruthMargarita

Jewelry – Petit ChatSeeds of Metal @ The Chapter Four until TONIGHT!
Main Store

Hat, Glasses, Sweater, Lace Shorts, Bikini (underneath), Stockings, Socks and Shoes, Purse (on floor) and Fur Vest on chair – AshmootA/W Collection Outfit #56 @ FAD Event – Light the Way
Event – November 24th – December 19th

The Decor Details

Chair – SEULMonster Chair – PrincessaGacha

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