Home is where… Featuring Kaerri @ Swank, De(c)ocrate, Fancy Decor, The Loft and Scarlet Creative

This week has literally been FILLED with doctor’s appointments for myself and for the kids, which means I have put over 200 miles on the car in 4 days and I feel like I haven’t had a moment to sit and breathe!  But yesterday brought great news in regards to my health, so that is a huge weight off the whole family’s shoulders and now we can focus on the medical issues going on with the oldest boy.  Having to go through all kinds of tests at 19 was not my wish for my child, and I am very worried because it was at the exact same age that my autoimmune issues reared their ugly head.  Lots of blood tests, more heart tests and lots of shaken nerves and long nights has been the theme of our Fall.  So with fingers crossed, positive thoughts and lots of cozy nights with the family planned for the next couple of weeks, is how we deal with this new hurdle.  With that in mind, I started thinking about picking up a sign for the house, with a quote about family and I found the perfect quote, now just to find the sign or make it myself!  The boys would LOVE that project on top of the floor next weekend!  LOL

Home is where LOVE resides,

Memories are CREATED,

Friends are always WELCOME,

and FAMILY is forever.

And all of this made me finally put down a home on my land and started to decorate it again, which meant De(c)ocrate has become a part of my life, and OMG I got so excited when I got my first box this month and just had to incorporate a few goodies into this scene inspired by the GORGEOUS new living room collection from Kaerri, currently at the Swank event.

Home is where...

The Decor Details

Build – Scarlet CreativeSylvia House @ Collabor88

Fireplace, Egyptian Bust, Chairs, Tables, Sofa, Flowers, Bowl, Vases, Deco, Lamp, Curtains, Rug – KaerriJewel Collection @ Swank

Wall Art – The LoftMorgan Mirror @ Collabor88

Candles on Mantle – IlorsenGalatea Candles @ De(c)ocrate – November

Tea Light on Coffee Table – Sari SariOld Chamberstick @ De(c)ocrate – November

Book and Mug – Serenity StyleJojo Cozy Book & Mug @ De(c)ocrate – November

Slippers – Serenity StyleJojo Cozy Slippers @ De(c)ocrate – November

Grandfather Clock – Fancy DecorGrandfather Clock @ FaMESHed

Every piece in this scene is exquisitely created with fantastic textures and wonderful details, making it a perfect addition to any home.  Pick and choose your pieces or start with the complete set from Kaerri and then add your own touches and create your one of a kind space for your family and friends to create amazing memories!!

Have a wonderfully wicked rest of your day and remember to always stay true to your style and make today’s trends in fashion and home decor work for you!



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