Bring your own pillow! – Featuring Bee Designs for SaNaRae!

If you happen to have a family on Second Life and you are looking for the perfect slumber party sets for either your son or daughter, then look no further than Bee Designs and the new gacha collection for SaNaRae.  Both sets feature tents, lights and of course all kinds of goodies to munch, as well as soft, and cozy blankets to curl up on!  The only thing missing is you and your pillow for a mad pillow fight later in the night, so head on over to the event and check them out today!

No Stinky Boys Allowed!

Each item is only $59L a pull, making the entire collection well worth the money and you will be amazed at the wonderful textures and fabulous attention to detail which you will find on all of Bee Designs products so make this a new addition to your roleplay household today!

The Decor Details

Slumber Party Collection – Bee DesignsSlumber Party Gacha – Girls Paper Lanterns @ SaNaRae

Build – CIRCA – FieldView – Studio – RARE

Have a wonderfully wicked rest of your day and remember to stay true to your style and make today’s trends in fashion and home decor work for you!



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