Perfect Fall BBQ collection from Aphrodite @ 68 Main Event

I had the pleasure recently to pose and set up the vendor pictures for Aphrodite and the new Van BBQ collection currently only available at the NEW 68 Main event, and I had so much fun!  For the first time in a long time I got to pose with people and discuss angles, and I think it produced better photos!  I love the sharing of ideas and I realized I have really missed that interaction, which means I might start hitting up friends to start doing a few blog posts together!  Ok, back to the topic at hand, this amazing BBQ set!

Aphrodite Van BBQ

The Van BBQ set for families has poses for a couple and up to three toddlers with the high chair at the table.  Each piece is uniquely designed and wonderfully textured with an incredible attention to detail.  The BBQ has an extensive menu of foods to cook which can then be transferred on steaming plates to your guests seated at the table.  There are a variety of poses on the BBQ for cooking and prep and you will be blown away by the incredibly lifelike appearance of everything to eat and drink!

Aphrodite Van BBQ Couples

The couples BBQ has a ton of poses as well, if you happen to be feeling a bit frisky on these cooler, soon to be Autumn nights!  The table has a drink trough in the middle and also comes with several food accessories, bringing the entire BBQ together.

Available at the 68 Main event as well are the adorable Van Coolers for drinks and desserts, bringing this entire collection together into the perfect backyard BBQ getaway as the last rays of Summer come to an end.  Considering the last few days, and last night at the emergency room, I think it would be a wise idea for my family and idea to relax and unwind around a bonfire tonight with a little BBQ of our own!

The Decor Details

AphroditeSummer Van BBQ – Family and Couples Versions
Complete with BBQ and Table with all the decor
Tons of poses
Menu of food to cook
Food is presented to guests on steaming platters
@ 68 Main

AphroditeSummer Van Drink Cooler @ 68 Main

AphroditeSummer Van Desserts Cooler @ 68 Main

Everything 40% off for the duration of the event!

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