“As free as birds catching the wind.” Featuring Empyrean Forge, !!smesh and Desmonia

The last year and a half of my life has been like a topsy turvy whirlwind of strange ups and downs, weird health issues and LOVE.  After being single for a very long time, and handling things on my own, no matter how hard, I have come to realize that it doesn’t matter what life throws at you, it becomes easier when you have someone with which to share it.  I had become a bit resigned to being single for the rest of my life and had no intention of getting into a relationship, but to be honest, it was the best decision I never made!  My wonderful man and I were on the same page, and we were enjoying having someone to help make dinner for the boys and hanging out as friends when suddenly the universe jumped up with other plans for us.  So it wasn’t a decision for us, it just happened, and though there have been struggles we couldn’t have even imagined, I know neither of us would change a thing.  The love of the family we have created together and our commitment to each other, makes life just a little bit easier.  All of this was to lead into the fact that I am not a Miley Cyrus fan, at least with what she puts out on the radio, until the recent release of “Malibu“, and when I heard it through my speakers through Spotify, I was hooked.  In one moment the last year and a half of my life was summed up in a song, and though my toes may not be wiggling in the sands of Malibu, the feeling is the same.

As free as birds catching the wind

I haven’t showcased the We Love to Blog group and it’s multitude of designers in a post in a while, so when I unboxed these goodies I JUST had to put them together along with this gorgeous new release from Empyrean Forge!  I absolutely love this new hair from Desmonia, a new release in the store.  It fits perfectly with mesh heads and if you haven’t checked out the colors from Desmonia, then you really need to do yourself a favor and head by the store, and while there check out all the other new releases.  It has been a bit since I have picked up anything from !!smesh, I hate to admit, so when I saw a release in the We Love to Blog group I got all excited, and this dress does not disappoint.  The Knitted Dress is intricately detailed and fits perfectly on Maitreya, but comes with plenty of other sizes, so I am sure you will find the perfect fit!  The dress comes in a variety of colors as well, with some showing a bit more of your naughty bits because of how they show up under the knit.  And if you are looking for the perfect jewelry collection to accent any outfit, then head over to FaMESHed and grab the Sequoia Trio from Empyrean Forge.  The necklaces are individual pieces and come with their own HUDS making it incredibly versatile, making it a must have addition to your jewelry box!   Do yourself a favor and pick up a few of thee pieces and go sink your toes into the sand on your favorite beach sim and relax and unwind.

The Fashion Details

Head – LeLutkaSimone 3.0

Body – MaitreyaLara

Skin – *YS&YS*Kirsten

Eyes – Avi GlamLure @ PowderPack – August

Hair – DesmoniaAmy Side Braid

Necklaces – Empyrean ForgeSequoia Trio @ FaMESHed

Dress – !!smeshKnitted Dress
New!!! ONLY 100L

Pose – An LarSarai Series

Have a wonderfully wicked rest of your day and remember to always be true to your style and make today’s trends in fashion and home decor work for you!


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