“And from the chaos of her soul there flowed beauty.” Louise Alexandra Erskine

My brain has been a whirling black cloud of chaos and confusion for a couple of weeks now, and I am finally beginning to see my way through.  In the midst of all the chaos I continue to pace myself and remember to breathe, while continuing to stop and see the beauty that surrounds us, even in the most hectic moments.  I have realized I do this a lot with my blogging, not just to try and relieve stress, but to help bring forth the art that resides inside me.  This post has taken me several days to complete due to doctor appointments and then needing time to process what is happening with my RL and a much needed breakfast with my parents.  Sitting them down and having to tell them I have developed a serious heart condition was not the highlight of my day and I honestly wish I could wake up and this would all be a dream, but I can’t and now I have to learn to live a whole new way, again.  I had a moment of weakness a couple of days ago and broke down, just tired of fighting with my health and cried until I had those stupid hiccup cries and in the end I felt cleansed.  I love how tears can do that, and though I felt a sense of relief, a plan hasn’t yet formed for how I learn to deal with this new change, but as my Dad reminded me today, the sun will still rise tomorrow and with it, a new day comes to shed light that can make you see things complete differently, or at least to see the beauty that lies even in the darkest, twisted depths of chaos that resides within my soul.

And from the chaos of her soul there flowed beauty. Louise Alexandra Erskine

And from the chaos of her soul there flowed beauty.

Louise Alexandra Erskine

If you have ever had the desire to be a Fantasy Angel but feathers aren’t your thing, then check out the amazing Lily Set by Indulge Temptation IT!, currently at the Fable Fair 2 through the 26th of the month.  The Lilies are 100% unrigged mesh that come with 9 items in the set; crown, lei, bracelets, nip covers, kini and wings, in 24 different color versions, meaning you are sure to find your favorite color combination, and you will pay ONLY $150L per package!  Do yourself a favor and head on over to the event and check out all the goodies, I promise you won’t be disappointed at the Once Upon a Time round of the Fable Fair.

And from the chaos of her soul there flowed beauty. Louise Alexandra Erskine (2)

The Fashion Details

Head – LeLutkaSimone 3.0

Body – MaitreyaLara

Skin – AlaskametroFit – Body Skin @ Mesh Body Addicts Fair

Face Skin – AlaskametroSunny @ Mesh Body Addicts Fair

Hair – Virtual DivaTouche V2 – Champagne @ Swank

Eyes – Avi GlamLure @ Powder Pack – LeLutka – August

Eye Makeup – AlaskametroAquatica Makeup Palette
5 bioluminescent creature inspired eyeshadows and 5 lipsticks
From Indie Teepee so check the store soon

Earrings – IT!Sauda Earring @ Fable Fair 2
For ONLY $10L

Lilies – IT!Lily Set @ Fable 2 Fair
100% Unrigged Mesh
9 Items
Crown, Lei, Bracelets, Nip Covers, Kini and Wings
24 Color Versions
ONLY $150L per package
Fable Fair 2 August 5th – 26th

Have a wonderfully wicked rest of your day and remember to always stay true to your style and make today’s trends in fashion and home decor work for you!


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