An adventure into space is the perfect way to end the day! – Featuring Aphrodite

Every kid dreams of heading off into space on some adventure, and if you have ever raised boys, then you know this ends up being a daily occurrence.  Aphrodite has designed the penultimate space bedroom sets in the past month that were featured at Thimble and Willowvale, two new kids events to the Second Life grid, which if you are raising kids on SL are two events you just HAVE to check out!

Space Adventures by Aphrodite

If you happen to have kids on Second Life who LOVE a certain set of movies then you need to check out this amazing bedroom collection from Aphrodite!  The Glider bed is available at Willowvale, and includes the bed, books, lamp, rug and bookcase.  The pieces are linked as you unbox them, but each piece can be moved and put where it fits in your space, making it very versatile, which I know is always a plus when decorating.  And you truly need to check out the fantastic detailing on the bed and especially on the Space Adventures desk with its awesome fighter design and galaxy rug.  I love every piece of this collection, and you can grab them while Willowvale continues into August.  The stuffed toys were just at Thimble but you just MUST get your hands on these accessories to help create a magnificent place for your child to play, dream and learn, and of course explore the galaxy!

The Decor Details

Build – Trompe LoeilRomy Bay Cottage

Bedroom Set – AphroditeSpace Adventure Bed – Glider @ Willowvale  July 21st – August 21st
Includes – Glider Bed, Lamp, Books, Rug, Bookcase

Desk – AphroditeSpace Adventure Desk – Starfighter @ Willowvale July 21st – August 21st
Includes – Rug, Chair, Desk, Lamp, Books

Wall Art and Clock – AphroditeSpace Kids Wall Decorations Set @ Willowvale – July 21st – August 21st

Stuffed Toys – AphroditeSpace Kids Toys
These were just at Thimble, so check the store this week!

Curtains – ChiMiaJones Curtains Geo with HUD offering 20 choices

Have a wonderfully wicked rest of your day and remember to always stay true to your style and make today’s trends in fashion and home decor work for you!


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