My water coloured dreams – Featuring CIRCA for Home & Garden Expo 2017 a RFL event

I hope everyone had a glorious weekend, and for those in the United States, I hope you had a lovely day off yesterday and gave proper respect for those who gave all, I know I did!  The garden fence is mostly complete, and the final planting has been done, and now I feel a bit like a new mom, hovering over them waiting for them to show me their latest trick!  The temperatures this week have gone into the 80’s, which feels a bit more like Summer than it does Spring, but every living thing seems to be celebrating and when I look around I am reminded of the landscapes of Monet, where the world looks painted in watercolor.  Today when I logged on SL to check out what happened while I was away, I was excited to see a new blog pack from Cherelle Capra of CIRCA for the Relay for Life Home & Garden Expo 2017.  I have blogged for this event in this past and it was one of my most satisfying experiences since I started blogging.  This year, without access to internet at home I have had to do some shopping and wandering on my own to find goodies for my home, and I am sure you will too, especially if you love to redecorate quite often like I do.

When I unpacked the HUGE blogger box and saw a set called “Colours on the Water“, I was hoping it would be like my Monet dreams and I might have let out an excited giggle when I saw the watercolor designs, pastels and flowers.  If you are looking for the best scene to bring you into the Summer months then hurry on over to the event and grab this collection, and make sure to join the RFL Hunt so you can pick up all the goodies from the grids top home and garden designers.  This collection comes complete with all pictured, as well as wall art I couldn’t manage to fit in, and a large planter as well.  The woods come with three shades to choose from, and the mirrors come in three different metal options, meaning you will be able to fit them into your current decor seamlessly.  The menus for colors/textures on the items is AMAZING and the attention to detail is stunning.  The patterns and colors flow well together creating a picture perfect scene.  The floor pillow set is the Hunt item, and can be grabbed for only 10L!  During the event this collection will be offered at a 35% discount as well as those items in the RFL vendors.  All proceeds of the sales from the RFL vendors go directly to the cause, which means you are shopping for a good cause and making a difference in someone’s life as you do.
The Decor Details
Collection – CIRCA – Colours on the Water @ Home & Garden Expo 2017
Home & Garden Expo 2017
May 19th – Jun 4th 
Booth –

Have a wonderfully wicked rest of your day and remember to always stay true to your style and make today’s trends in fashion and home decor work for you!

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