Say you won’t let go – Featuring Marquesse, Powder Pack, SlackGirl, Pink Fuel, Izzie’s

Lately I have been starting to walk/hike again and it seems that everyday I want to be outside more and more, making my journeys longer, which has me feeling better than I have in months.  Whether a short walk after dinner, or a few miles in the morning or a weekend adventure, I have been enjoying Spring as it starts to blanket the mountains of Arizona.  While the mountains are still crowned in snow, down below the trees are in bloom and wild flowers are starting to peek their heads above the soil, and it is a perfect time to be out and about.  The desire for fluffy green grass and flowers has translated to a complete transformation of my land, including a completely empty home, since it seems I have no desire to be inside on SL as well as in my RL, but it does happen to give me a space to take photos, and that makes me quite happy!  As I was unpacking my newest goodies I came across this adorable new dress from [Marquesse] for Fashion Dazzle, with the wonderfully constructed and textured Butterfly heels, the ensemble is perfect for those Spring days out on the grid.

The Butterfly dress from [Marquesse] is just plain adorable and is wonderfully constructed as well.  The dress comes in a variety of colors at Fashion Dazzle, with matching shoes available at Shoe-ddiction, so make sure you stop by both events and pick up yours today, and while there I have a feeling you will be doing some other shopping, so keep those Lindens out!

One of the things I love the most about makeup on Second Life is the fact that it can change your appearance by so much, that if you have a wide variety, you rarely need more than a couple skins.  Today is a perfect example!  I have been raving about the Powder Pack, LeLutka addition and this post will be no different.  SlackGirl has three new releases for the pack and I am completely in LOVE with each one, including the Smokelady shadow I am wearing here.  Each shadow and liner are expertly created with gorgeous colors and an exceptional attention to detail.  They blend well and the colors are to die for, as are the Nude Glosses from Pink Fuel.  They come in a wide variety of shades to choose from from light to dark and all the shades in between, so do yourself a favor and head by the Powder Pack location and pick yourself up one of the packs for either Catwa or LeLutka, trust me you will NOT be disappointed!
The Fashion Details

Skin – Glam AffairMaria – LeLutka Powder Pack – April
Glam Affair

Hair – EntwinedDani

Eyes – IKONTriumph – Hazel

Eyeshadow – SlackGirlSmokelady Shadow – Powder Pack April – LeLutka

Lipgloss – Pink FuelGlamorous Gloss – Nudes – LeLutka Powder Pack – April
Pink Fuel

Dimple – Izzie’sChin Dimple

Jewelry – CaeAria Collection

Dress – [Marquesse]Butterfly – Blue @ Fashion Dazzle

Shoes – [Marquesse]Butterfly – Blue @ Shoe-ddiction

Have a wonderfully wicked rest of your day and remember to always stay true to your style and make today’s trends in fashion and home decor work for you!

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