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I recently made a new friend via Facebook, who happens to also be on Second Life, and I have come to realize that after so many years online, I am awkward and jaded when it comes to new people.  Now granted I have always been a bit jaded, thus my name, but it wasn’t until the past couple of weeks that I have come to realize I have serious trust issues with anyone new.  I think anyone who has spent an extended time online can tell you horror stories of people they have met, or have heard about, and trust me I have a whole long list of tales to tell, but they seem to have become redundant and I am not one to dwell in the past.  Four years ago when I became a permanent resident of SL, instead of just a passive user, I realized the community is much different than others I had been involved with before, and I was quite pleased.  I won’t mention the other 3D chat program I was a part of, but every day brought new drama and no one looked out for each other or helped.  If you were a creator you were on your own and had to teach yourself everything, because no one was going to help you get ahead.  It was exhausting and incredibly stressful.  I used to be a creator of 3D goods on that other chat site, and still make money there but my blogging life on Second Life has been much more rewarding, and maybe someday I will expand into creating.  But for now, I am content to blog and expand my social circle as I seem to spend more time alone than I do in the company of others, unless you count shopping at events!  So with that idea in mind, making new friends is part of expanding my social circle, obviously, and I see now that I have to drop a lot of what I think I know from previous sites and chill out a bit, because that is the only way I am going to discover new, exciting, creative people after all!  You will always run across those people who have nothing better to do than troll, but for the most part, the Second Life journey is a positive one full of people looking to help each other live their best life ever!  And of course, when it comes to Second Life, that means decorating your personal world with gorgeous goodies you might not be able to afford in real life!

I guess you could call this an event extravaganza post since almost everything pictured is either currently at an event, or was showcased in a previous event.  With me being gone three months I feel like my home and my wardrobe are already outdated so after receiving goodies from unKindness and Serenity Style I decided to head out to the events to put together an entire scene with new decor pieces from across the grid.  I have been a fan of Bee Designs for awhile now and I was delighted to see them participating in the current rounds of The Crossroads and The Liaison Collaborative, and I was quite pleased at how well they went with the new collaborative effort from unKindness and Ariskea.  The Solace Nook collection is only available at Collabor88 and comes with the intricate Nook, available in different colors, as well as a set of four candles, a chandelier, table and plant; providing everything you need to create your own private retreat away from the rest of the world.  Each piece is incredibly well designed with an amazing attention to detail, reflected by the expert texturing and continuous theme.  If you are looking for well built furniture that mixes and matches well within all kinds of decorative spaces, then make sure to check out the pieces from Bee Designs, Serenity Style, and the new collection from two amazing creators, unKindness and Ariskea!

The Decor Details
Build – Scarlet CreativeNerites Gazebo – Rare (prior Gacha)

Sofa – Bee DesignsSpring Patio Set Gacha – Sofa – RARE @ The Liaison Collaborative

Bunny – Serenity StylePretty Wooden Bunny – Bucket Pink @ The Crossroads

Rug – ARIA Sunday Morning Faux Sheep Rug (past gacha so check the store)

Tufted Ottoman – Bee DesignsFleur Gacha – Ottoman 2 @ The Crossroads

Candles – uK & AriskeaSolace Nook – Candles – 1-4 @ Collabor88

Chandelier – uK & AriskeaSolace Nook – Hanging Lamp @ Collabor88

Tall Ottoman – Bee DesignsBella Gacha Seat @ The Crossroads

Chaise Lounge – Bee DesignsFleur Set Gacha – Chaise Lounge – RARE @ The Crossroads

Plant in corner – ARIASunday Morning – Potted Palm (past gacha so check the store)

Suitcases – Bee DesignsBella Gacha Suitcases @ The Crossroads

Lamp on suitcases – ClaVvLight Terrarium – Square (ground)

Tulips – Serenity Style TLC Anniversary Gift – Tulips @ The Liaison Collaborative

Table – uK & AriskeaSolace Nook – Iron Table @ Collabor88

Plant on Table – uK & AriskeaSolace Nook – Romarin Plant @ Collabor88

Intricate Nook – uK & AriskeaSolace Nook – White @ Collabor88

Curtains – ChiMiaJones Curtains Geo @ The Liaison Collaborative

Have a wonderfully wicked rest of your day and remember to always stay true to your style and make the trends in today’s fashions and home decor work for you!

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  1. Alexa says:

    That’s so pretty, and what a great reminder of this gazebo to use at some future post. 🙂

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