Celebrating the MadPea International Food Fair with Kaerri

Over the weekend my blog hit 100k in visitors, and I sadly missed it since I don’t get to check in on the weekends, but with my return today I decided to celebrate the numbers turning to the six digits by talking about the MadPea International Food Fair currently happening on the grid.  The event runs through March 4th and happens to be benefiting and amazing cause, Feed a Smile.  This is the first time this event has run on the grid, but you won’t be disappointed by the number of top creators from across the grid participating in this amazing event!  Designers are selling food themed items and gachas during the event with with 50% of all profits going to help build a kitchen in Rhonda Slums of Nakuru, Kenya.  So do yourself a favor, and the children of Nakuru, and head on over to the event, you won’t be disappointed.  Whether you are into live music shows and DJ’s, art, or simply want to come peruse the items and donate as you can, then head on over to the MadPea International Food Fair and their website >HERE< and get all the details today!

Kaerri offers up this absolutely GORGEOUS collection for the event, offering several pieces to decorate your home or garden with, as well as several scrumptious food dishes that have my mouth watering!  I have a feeling many of these pieces will be finding their way into permanent homes on my property, as soon as I get it decorated that is.  The overall texturing and attention to detailing is exquisite with the colors blending well with each other, tying each piece together with the next, creating a soothing and tropical oasis for you to relax into.  
If you are having a party any time soon, or enjoy having your kitchen look a little lived in, then grab the food pieces while you can, you will be stunned at home real these textures look, I know I am.  And now that this post has made me thoroughly hungry I am going to head off and grab a late lunch, but while I do that head on over to the event and get your MadPea on!
The Decor Details
Kaerri – MadPea International Food Fair
Paua Curtain
Paua Dining Table
Paua Dining Chair
Paua Orb Chair
Paua Dining Room Sideboard
Fern Rug
Paura Table 1
Paua Table
Varigated Taro Planter
Pukeko Planter
Paua Rug
Anzac Cookies
Blue Taro Planter
Cocktail Tray
Crab Plate
Garden Salad
Paua Tiki Art – Blue
Paua Tiki Art – Jade
Sponge Cake
Tuna and Shrimp Plate


Build – 22769 [bauwerk]The Atelier – RARE @ The Epiphany Jamuary 2017
Don’t know if they have their old gachas at the store or not, but stop by anyway!

Have a wonderfully wicked rest of your day and remember to always stay true to your style and make today’s trends in fashion and home decor work for you!

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