Sometimes you have to remind yourself that it is the little things that matter the most

I am reminded this weekend that people concentrate so much on the big things, that they don’t realize that it is truly the little things that count the most.  A moment caught between lovers where they simply get lost in each others eyes; simple words from your child that show appreciation; being able to hold the hand of the one you love in silence because words have failed you; laughing until you cry; a simple, short conversation with your parent(s) letting them know you apologize for being an ass as a teenager as you watch your kids do the same things.  It isn’t about the big present, or how much money you can spend, it is about showing those around you how much you care through the tiniest of gifts, through your words or through actions as often as you can.  As I head into yet another surgery on Tuesday I feel blessed to have my friends and family around me, and sometimes I can only reach out a hand and squeeze it, or offer a smile or a simple “thank you” because the spoken word fails me often.  Do you concentrate too much on the grand gestures and too little time seeing the bigger meaning in the little things?  Slow down and take a look around and realize that the small things are what is important when it comes to showing appreciation to those around you, and people will learn from you to recognize those things more in their own daily lives.

The Fashion Details

Glasses, Bangles, Earrings, Purse, Ring (not shown), Bodysuit, Shoes – Borelli’s FashionNivea Complete Outfit

Pose – An LarThe Vanessa Series

Have a wonderfully wicked rest of your day and remember to always stay true to your style and make today’s trends in fashion and home decor work for you!

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