Blinded by your love and bound to you. – Style Personalities Part V

Today marks the second last day of .PENUMBRA.’s AW16 Fashion Week and it happens to be the fifth and final article on Style Personalities.  Before discussing the last personality, I wanted to do a small re-cap as a reference guide, so all the information ends up in one place. 

Five Style Personalities

– loves comfort and function over fashion
– neutral color palette
– natural fabrics
– very few, if any prints
– minimalism at its best
– small, effective, efficient jewelry
– simplicity and function over fad

– makes a statement every time she gets dressed
– bold, geometric and abstract prints
– lots of contrast
– crisp, clean lines
– extreme cuts
– large, often distracting accessories

– childlike innocence and appeal
– youthful and neat in appearance, no matter the age
– whimsical nature keeps her from being too serious
– straight lines that hug and enhance her body, without being tight
– tiny polka dots
– small, repeating, symmetrical patterns
– delicate details
– large buttons
– ensemble appropriate jewelry

– quality and good taste
– impeccably dressed at all times
– timeless designs that flatter her figure
– Classic pearls and small, jewelry that can be mixed and matched
– Simple, yet classy
– Nothing overbearing or distracting

– the true “girly-girl”
– soft, feminine and alluring
– embraces her femininty
– comfortable with her sexual power
– soft colors
– lover of beautiful things
– light, soft materials that drape and hug the body
– jewelry is often vintage with intricate designs

Though not comfortable in lace and lots of frills, due to my Classic side, I am very familiar with the Romantic Style Personality, as it is what makes up the majority of my closet. 

The Romantic woman loves being a woman, meaning she is very aware of her sexual power and loves to flaunt her femininity without being over the top or slutty.  Most Romantics have an hourglass figure and absolutely love their curves and wearing materials that hug and drape the body.  This woman is most comfortable in exquisitely soft materials like silk, chiffon and jersey, that feel good against the skin and fit the female form like a glove.  Her wardrobe is mostly made up of dresses skirts and tops with very few pairs of pants and very rarely a pair of jeans.  Pants are often an evil necessity for the Romantic, but you can always bet they have some sort of extra detailing on them to soften them up a bit.  Her mannerisms, her hair, everything about her will radiate womanhood and people are often drawn to that, not just the curves!  
I wandered outside my assigned group today because I had to show off this stunning gown from POSH Pixels, but also because it happened to fit quite nicely with the Romantic theme of the day.  The Blind Love gown comes complete with mask, jewelry and gown, in a lovely soft pink and mauve combination that is sure to knock your socks off!  I had to be a bit careful with posing for this photo because in true Romantic fashion you can see a hint of a nipple behind the gorgeous floral top piece, which mean you are sure to captivate that special someone at your next formal event!  From top to bottom this ensemble is exquisitely crafted and highly detailed, making it an incredibly valuable pieced to add to your closet before the event ends and it disappears into the ether that is Second Life!  Trust me, you will fall in love!
The Fashion Details
Head – LAQTrinity 1.5

Body – Maitreya Lara

Skin – LAQ Sophie

Hair – D!vaGiz

Dress, Jewelry, and Mark – POSH PixelsBlind Love @ .PENUMBRA.’s AW16 Fashion Week

Pose – An LarHollow Series 

Have a wonderfully wicked rest of your day and remember to always stay true to your style and make today’s trends in fashion and home decor work for you!

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