[CIRCA] Nocturne Gothic Set @ Swank

If you happen to be a lover of the Gothic, or purple, or a bit of both then you really need to head over to Swank before they close their doors, and pick up this absolutely stunning new set from [CIRCA], exclusively available at the Swank event.

Everything pictured here, minus the build is available at the event, including the Trio Candle set on the fireplace mantle, that is a gift at the event.  Every piece is incredibly well designed and the textures have wonderful depth and color throughout.  Each piece has a bit of Gothic charm to it, complete with a few spiderwebs tucked away in just the right spots.  If you happen to be decorating at the last minute for a Halloween party or just adore Gothic inspired decor then head over to Swank this weekend, I promise you won’t be disappointed!
The Decor Details
[CIRCA]Nocturne Gothic Set @ Swank

Candles on Mantle – [CIRCA]Nocturne Tall Candle Trio with Roses – Gift @ Swank

Build – 8f8Storytellers Burrow – Garden House – Rare (past Arcade item)

Have a wonderfully wicked rest of your day and remember to always stay true to your style and make the trends in today’s fashion and home decor work for you!

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