I’ve got “a short fuse, that I still use.” Red Light Kings

For the most part, I don’t consider myself that different from other people when it comes to doing what you have to and smiling even when you feel like cutting someone’s head off, but I remember when my temper got places before me and, on occasion, I kind of miss being able to get away with having a short fuse.  For the last couple of weeks my car has had a big sign on it saying “screw with me,” at least that’s how it seems.  From the idiot who was following too close, so I slowed down and found he and his Jeep off the road on the right hand side of me, acting like he was going to hit the car, to the guy downtown who decided that he owned the road and didn’t care if I was already in the turn lane and ran me into the curb, it has been a free for all on my car!  Which has had my nerves on edge, because of course the last possible thing I need would be an accident with my low back still hanging on by a hopeful thread, and all the screws in my neck.  Needless to say when the girls invited me to go with them to the male dance show Friday night, I was ready to have someone else drive and to blow off some steam.  For most people, driving isn’t stressful, but on average I spend at least 4-5 hours a day in a car hauling the boys back and forth to school, going to work still at a friends house, and running errands for our home.  For a bit now I have been unable to drink anything accept Vodka, my boyfriend says this makes me a cheap date, since I also don’t happen to drink very often.  So Friday night my best friend introduced me to her home-made, organic Blackberry Vodka, made with berries picked from Oak Creek Canyon here in Arizona; and it and I have become great friends, especially since it didn’t carry the dark cloud of a hangover with it.  Once the luscious dark purple liquid had calmed my nerves and loosened my tongue, I found myself talking to them about the week and the idiot drivers I had encountered and that those situations had made me realize that at some point, my hair trigger temper has gotten very tempered.  To be honest, I hadn’t realized this until faced with the moron off the road, inches away from my car and I didn’t run him off the road.  Seriously one of those moments where I was asking myself what happened as I didn’t react and just hoped survival of the fittest would kick in and the dumb ass wouldn’t make it.  Shortly after telling the ladies about the events of the week, I had my first encounter with the drunk blond girl who decided she liked to elbow her way through the crowd, and once again looked at them and said I really didn’t know what happened to me over the years.  On the inebriated hooligan’s third pass through the crowd with her pointy elbows and head I could rest my drink on, that temper I spoke of might have jumped up and bit her in the ass, or more appropriately the floor, since she tripped over the foot I might have pulled back a bit more slowly than she was moving.  I made sure she was all right, but I have to admit I felt a bit better about my week and about myself, still got that fire down below, even if it is a bit of a short fuse! 

I have to admit, I wish I owned this outfit in RL for this past Friday night’s excursion, it would have fit my mood perfectly!  I got this fabulous dress from Rock Your Rack, which happens to have shut down yesterday, but I still had to show it off along with these absolutely AMAZING new boots and jewelry available at FaMESHed.  The Vina dress from Zibska comes with a color change HUD offering several different tone selections, and if you head by FaMESHed and grab these boots from [Gos] you will be pleased to discover they perfectly mix and match together, meaning you can create several ensembles with different looks with the purchase of just two items, which means you have no reason to not go grab both items!  The boots come in a wide variety of colors, though I love the black, as well as several different sizes to fit standard and mesh bodies.  I am sure the dress will be in the main store for Zibska later this week, so make sure to check back, and you only have about a week left to stop by FaMESHed and check out these and all the offering wonderful offerings that always make up the event.  So what are you waiting for?!  Hurry up and get your shop on!
The Fashion Details
Head – LAQTrinity 1.5

Body – MaitreyaLara

Skin – LAQSophie

Hair – .ShiValiant

Eyes – IKONTriumph – Silverleaf

Tattoo – White-WidowLightsOut

Bracelets – MINIMALKira @ FaMESHed

Earrings and Necklace – LaGyoCrosses Set – Silver @ FaMESHed

Dress – ZibskaVina (just featured at Rock Your Rack so check the store later this week)

Boots – [Gos] Blade – Black @ FaMESHed

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