“When the world is itself draped in the mantle of night, the mirror of the mind is like the sky in which thoughts twinkle like stars.” ― Khushwant Singh

From time to time, over the years, I have gone through bouts of insomnia, usually when under severe stress.  Which means I am not exactly surprised by the fact that I have been waking every night between midnight and 2 am and staying up for a couple of hours before being able to snuggle back up in bed.  Time seemed to have gone into fast forward the past month and the stress of finalizing the move, my soon to be landlord making things a bit difficult, health insurance being, and a sudden health crisis have me pacing the living room in the wee hours of the morning.  If you have ever suffered from insomnia, then you know your brain seems to be running in the highest gear possible causing you to ruminate over even the most mundane of topics.  I try to keep those demons at bay by reading, or playing pool on my phone, which has become a new addiction, or doing a bit of yoga, and often a combination of all of the above!  I realized very early this morning, as I stood on the porch watching a Red-tailed Hawk eye the birds flitting around for their breakfast in the newly mowed field that one thing I haven’t managed to put on my new phone is MUSIC!  I am starting to go through a bit of withdrawal since I am used to having Spotify, Youtube, or the radio when at home, and the new house still has no net so two of those things are out of the question, as is a radio since I still haven’t found where I packed mine!  Soothing techniques are important when you happen to be a late night, early morning, restless and anxious person; and I have an arsenal at my beckoned call, but sometimes your brain just doesn’t want to sleep.  When I saw my Doctor the other day, I told her about the most recent spell of sleeplessness and she told me to wait about 10 minutes before getting out of bed, and if I am still restless to then get up and take a bath and relax and just let my brain do it’s thing.  I was kind of amused, to be honest, because that is really the last thing you expect from a Physician, but then again, I picked her for that very reason.  So I guess, until the stress subsides, or my brain decides it’s time for a full nights sleep, I will be tossing and turning all night!  (You had to know I was going to end up tying this up to a song, right?!)

As I have said in the past, I absolutely love blogging for the We Love to Blog group mainly because I get to see creations from new designers before most people know their names, and so I feel a bit like I get to introduce them to everyone!  Which, is a tad bit self centered, since there are plethora of amazing bloggers who are part of the group who showcase these Creators as well.  If you don’t know anything about We Love To Blog, then make sure to click >HERE< and check it out!  
I had never heard of I’piteme until recently when I started receiving boxes to blog, and I have to say I am truly impressed by the textures and wonderful attention to detail that goes along with every piece.  I have not taken off this jeans and tank combo in more days than I care to admit, but they are perfect for ME, and the ensemble has made it’s way into my daily wear folder, which means if I saw it at an event, even though I had never heard of the designer, I would be buying it for myself!  The Whiskey Girl Tank and Jeans come in a wide variety of colors, and you can choose to have “Whiskey Girl” written across the chest or not, which when paired with the jeans, they are a must have addition to your closet, so head on over to the store and see for yourself all the fantastic creations of I’piteme!
The Fashion Details
Body – Maitreya

Head – LeLutka

Skin – DeeTaleZ

Eyes – IKONTriumph – Silverleaf

Hair – No.Match – No.Treasure @ Cosmopolitan 4th Anniversary
Earrings – CaeEtoiles @ Cosmopolitan 4th Anniversary

Tattoo – White-WidowLights Out

Top and Jeans – I’pitemeWhiskey Girl

The Décor Details
Chair – Trompe LoeilSelah Rattan

Books – 8f8Storyteller’s Burrow – Knowledge Cart

Incense and Singing Bowl – Soy

Curtain – junk. – Boho Curtain

Ladder – ClusteredBohemian Corner Ladder

Big Book Stack – ZerkaloHuge Pile of Books – RARE

Pillow – unKindnessBoho Puff Pillow Stack

Rug – unKindnessBattered Old Rug V2

Chaise – unKindnessBoho Puff Bench V2

Have a wonderfully wicked rest of your day and remember to always stay true to your style and make today’s trends in fashion and home décor work for you!

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