At the edge of the property, where the blacktop ends, you will find us

I have always been a fan of backyard camping, ever since I was a little girl, and it doesn’t matter if yours reminds you of a postage stamp, or if you happen to have acres to wander upon, in the end, it’s all the same.  A tent, a campfire, food, friends and/or family with some music either from an old battered guitar or a vintage transistor radio, the key is to be away together and to unplug!  As the trees are starting to change, and the night time temperatures are dipping into the mid 40’s I have an itch to take the tents out to the edge of the property, and camp out, like we are a million miles from home.  Out behind the trees, and where the crooked and crumbly blacktop ends, you will find us in sweatshirts and jeans, circled around the fire roasting marshmallows or hot dogs on sticks, simply enjoying the time together, and relishing in the bounty the end of Summer brings.

The Decor Details
Aphrodite“Family Fun” Complete Camping Set
Made for a family with up to 2 children or for a couple
Has a Rezz box for easy placement, or all pieces can be placed separately without the box making it incredibly versatile.
Texture changer for the tent and log with blanket
Fire has a Cooking Menu
Lantern On/Off
Cooler with Open/Close function and Menu
Props for use with the set will also ask permissions

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