No matter how far you travel, keep yourself grounded by spending some time with those who know you best

With the chill in the air I am reminded of the fact it was exactly this time of year that I met my online bestie.  When I think of everything that has happened in the last 6 years, I can’t think of anything that happened that I didn’t immediately run to tell him.  Whether a broken heart, a wonderful success or to just talk about my day; we share everything.  I have been so scattered lately that we haven’t had much time to sit down and talk so yesterday afternoon I told him I had a cute new piece from Aphrodite to blog, and that his presence was required.  It killed two birds with one stone after all, since I really needed to get this blog post done, and as everyone knows, setting up these scenes takes eons, so we had plenty of time to chat.  Though I am a completely different person in many ways, than the day we met, I always look to him to ground me and bring me back down to earth.  I have been floating a bit high lately on my bubble of happiness and I hadn’t had a moment to catch the best friend up yet, so I am sure my man’s ears were ringing all morning long, and he should probably be blushing a bit too, but it was so nice to sit and laugh for a while with a great friend.  I think people forget to do that a lot, and I know I am guilty of it far more often than I care to admit, and more than I like.  But the people who have known you for years, and know the truth of who you are; are the ones who can remind you of who you are, in good times and in bad.  Rev reminded me today that though I love my new country life, I am still a bit of a girly girl, so I just might have to put on a dress sometime this weekend and drag my partner out for some time with friends since I couldn’t remember the last time I had gotten dressed up or put on makeup, and that is just not acceptable!  So do yourself a favor and call up on old friend this weekend and get in touch with your roots for a little while, it will do you good.

The Décor Details
[CIRCA] Beach Drifter Gacha – Summer Gacha @ the Main Store
L$50 per play
6 Rares & 18 Commons
Fence, Boat, Starfish, Shells, Parrot Post, Seagull Post, Chairs, Sandcastle, Bucket, Signs

Umbrella, Towel and Bag – AphroditeVintage Beach Towel Set – PG

The Fashion Details

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