Much like the Phoenix, this Aries woman rises from the ashes to burn brighter

If you have ever been lucky enough (yes I am a bit biased) to be friends with an Aries, then you know they are a tad bit fiery, sometimes a little self absorbed (the Zodiac infant just finding their fingers and toes), occasionally a wee bit arrogant, fiercely loyal (sometimes to a fault), funny, quirky, very trustworthy, brutally honest, with a tender heart they wear on their sleeves.  I am not afraid to throw out the negatives involved with my sign, as they are as much a part of my personality as are the positive qualities.  One of the things I am known for, is trying something over and over again, expecting different results, usually when it comes to relationships.  I will literally try anything and everything I know to attempt to “fix” what went wrong, even though most of the times, those things cannot be fixed, because a relationship involves two people.  With some distance, I can look back now and see the faults of my past and realize that no matter how much you want something, it wasn’t always meant to work out, which means there is nothing to “fix”, if that makes sense.  The past few years have been pretty dark and I literally have felt like everything was destroyed and that I was starting anew, this year.  I feel like I have risen from the ashes of my past life to shine brighter in the new one that has found me.  With Indulge Temptation‘s new release of the My Sign necklaces, the tone of this post was set, but I don’t just think Aries women rise from the ashes, I think anyone can, I just loved the fire reference! 

I have always loved the juxtaposition of high fashion with grungy, or industrial settings.  With the fire reference I just had to seek out a location where I could do just that, and when I stumbled upon Junktown I absolutely fell in love with it!  EvelineIntheBox has created this edgy new dress for the Magazine Fashion Event and if perfect for those of you who love your fashion with a bit of an edge.  The Carlotte dress comes in a wide variety of colors, so I am sure you will find your favorite!  And if you love post apocalyptic, grungy locations then check out the destination and make sure to check the calendar or join the groups, because they have entertainment quite often according to some of the habitual visitors I came across when there.  
Lone Wolf Studio is part of the August round of Roulett3, which opens either tomorrow or the next day and has a fantastic new fantasy release for the occasion called Mordon!  I loved the fiery, dark and complex design that reflect the fire quite nicely, and I know all of you roleplayers and fantasy players will LOVE them, so head on over as soon as you can and grab yours today, and remember as always, the eyes are unisex and the mesh eyes can be adjusted to fit almost any head!  Do yourself a favor and check out all the goodies listed below so you too can channel your inner fire!
The Fashion Details 
Body – Maitreya

Head – LeLutka

Skin – DeeTaleZ

Eyes – Lone Wolf StudioMordon @ Roulett3 – August

Hair – Stealthic Vapor
(from the Hair Fair, couldn’t find a LM for the store though)

Necklace – !IT! (Indulge Temptation)My Sign Necklace – Aries @ Marvelous Events

Dress – EvelineinTheBoxCarlotte – Copper @ The Magazine Fashion Event

Shoes – RicielliNancy

Pose – An Lar PosesThe Still Series

The Destination
Have a wonderfully wicked rest of your day and remember to always stay true to your style and make today’s trends in fashion and home décor work for you!

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