The perfect backyard desert oasis – La Joya Collection from Kaerri

Many years ago I came to the conclusion that people either love or hate the desert, and usually that means anything and everything that goes along with it.  When I first stepped off the plane almost twenty years ago now in Phoenix in the middle of December after a rainstorm, I was hooked.  The smell of creosote that permeates the air after it rains is truly a scent you can find no where else in the United States other than in the desert of the Southwest.  The way the light plays off the sand as the sun sets, with the statuesque Saguaro’s that only grow in the Sonoran desert, dotting the horizon as the sun sets.  It wasn’t until I had seen a sunset out here that I truly understood the phrase “purple mountains majesty.”  The light dances off the rocks in such a way that the mountains, more times than not, reflect a beautiful aubergine with every hue of purple, blue and green.  I have known people who, while they appreciate the scenery, find the desert to be desolate and unfriendly, especially in the Summer when the temperatures rise into the triple digits, however, not all parts of Arizona, or New Mexico are like the deserts one pictures in their mind.  The high desert has majestic mountains, crystal clear streams, with the Ponderosa Pine trees looming large overhead that shield the wildlife from the blinding Winter snow storms.  I guess that is the well kept secret of those who have retreated to the mountains of Arizona, and why we stay in our little towns and far from the cities down the mountain.  You won’t find a large city in the Northern parts of Arizona, and if you look at a population density map, you will find that many parts are still considered remote with the majority being National Forest protected lands, giving you hundreds of miles of trails to wander on.  Though I moved from Phoenix years ago, I still love the bright colors and often wild and eclectic designs that make up Southwest décor, and when I saw this amazing new collection from Kaerri I was delighted to set up my little desert oasis on Second Life, and I am sure you will too!

Scene – Kaerri – La Joya Collection
You will find the collection outside in the back of the store, so make sure you wander back there and check out everything on your way through, you will be amazed at all the fantastic interior décor items you will find, I promise!
(A little self indulgence here because I love this song and just HAD to share)
Have a wonderfully wicked rest of your day and remember to always stay true to your style and make today’s trends in fashion and home décor work for you!

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