“Just the thought of you can make me smile.” Uncle Kracker

I woke up yesterday morning with a song playing through my head and it hasn’t made it’s way out yet, which of course means I am going to end up sharing it with you all.  It doesn’t seem to matter how I feel, or what kind of day it is, when I open my eyes and look across the bed, all I can do is smile.  I haven’t felt like that in a very long time, and I sometimes wonder if I have actually ever been this completely satisfied with every area of my life.  It is a new and glorious feeling and I seriously hope it doesn’t end any time soon.  I find myself up earlier than normal for me since the alarm goes off at 5:30 am to send the bread winner off to work, so I end up slowly crawling out of bed, getting dressed and heading into town to work.  I love those early morning hours when the sun still hasn’t warmed the air too much; the birds are in constant melodic conversation and the bunnies scamper across the yard in droves.  I like to sit out on the back steps and watch all the wildlife on their morning commutes to wherever they go, it seems to bring me a bit of peace to see that the whole animal kingdom has their jobs to do, especially as I haul my butt into town to sit at my computer and work, but there is this strange little thing I wear as an accessory these days, a perpetual smile that tugs at the corners of my mouth.  People have been telling me it looks good on me, and I have to agree.

As the end of the month closes in on me, I have been scrambling to make sure I have met all my blogging requirements for my sponsors, and with it being my first month back, I am a little behind.  Which has me frantically trying to get everything done today and tomorrow, which is never my style, so I am a bit out of sorts.  Virtual Diva has been pumping out amazing releases this month, including eyes and a gown for group gifts as well as a gorgeous swimsuit,hair and jewelry released for the July round of Swank, which I am pretty sure has ended, but make sure to try there first.  If they have closed up for the month then check the store next week after Angel has time to get the designs up in the store.  The Bibi hair is elegantly draped to the side with loose curls and comes in a wide variety of colors, so you are sure to find your favorite.  I love how it doesn’t cut into the neck, which seems to be a problem with a lot of hairs that drape snugly, AND you get to show off your favorite earrings and necklaces!  Upon my return I jumped into the blogger group for RAYNE Couture and grabbed all the goodies I could, so even though I wasn’t around for their releases, I could still share with you some of the absolutely stunning designs released over the Summer.  The Banjo Top and Banjo Pants are perfect for those Summer nights in lovely Linen and a variety of colors.  I just love these pants and have been out and about on the grid wearing them with several different tops, making them an incredibly versatile addition to your closet and a MUST HAVE on my list!  The tied, button-down shirt has fantastic detailing on the pockets and a perfectly relaxed collar.  Do yourself a favor and stop by RAYNE Couture today and check out all of the newest releases, and make sure to spend some time investigating the incredibly appointed SIM surrounding the store, it is well worth your time.  
The Fashion Details
Bracelets – ISON – Jaime Bracelets @ The Epiphany
Location Details
The Pines at Jacob’s Pond
Have a wonderfully wicked rest of your day and remember to always stay true to your style and make today’s trends in fashion and home décor work for you!

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