When Second Life and Real Life Collide

For the first time in all my years online I have a real life boyfriend who happens to be incredibly supportive of what I do, which I am truly thankful for but lately, with it being Summer, my posts find me with far less clothes on than normal and today I had, in my opinion, a rather amusing conversation.  As I sat down to do my post for the day, I showed him the photos I had already set up and asked his opinion on which one I should do first.  I chose to do a furniture post, but in the grouping of photos happens to be another bikini and tattoos picture.  Out of the mouth of my oh so supportive man suddenly came the following, “Why do you have to wear so little in what seems like ALL your posts?  Do you always have to be half naked?”  To which I responded with a few minutes of hysterical laughter, but the look on his face said he wasn’t really kidding.  I had to take a step back for a moment and consider his position on the matter, and I still find it amusing.  Now maybe this is because I see “Jade” as an entity outside myself, a character I have created who happens to resemble me a tiny bit in my younger years, and who happens to share my personality simply because I have chosen to just be me, not a persona online; or maybe it’s simply because I have been online for so many years and have gotten desensitized to what I do, I’m really not sure, but I have a hard time taking him seriously.  And I don’t want to belittle his feelings on the matter, I am truly trying to see his point of view, but on this I think we will end up having to agree to disagree.  Being a blogger is different than just running around the grid half naked and role playing with people in say strip clubs or music venues, etc, there is rarely an exchange between people unless you happen to be doing a couples pose or something along those lines, so I don’t think it crosses any real or imagined relationship boundaries.  But if my partner does, how far do I bend in my work to keep him from feeling the way he is at the moment?  I am a firm believer in bending in relationships, as it allows each person to still have what they want, to a certain extent and one person doesn’t feel like they are always compromising while the other stands steadfast in their resolve.  So I went through my blog and my photos and showed him that I very rarely tiptoe into waters that make my blog have more than a PG-13 rating, and he was much happier.  I have a feeling he thought my blog was bordering on too risque for him, and with us both having an online presence, just in different ways, he felt that would be crossing a bit of a boundary for him.  And when you are in love, if your partner feels like a boundary could be crossed or has been crossed in their eyes, then you have inflicted damage that will take a long time to heal.  But if you discuss those moments rationally when you don’t see eye to eye it’s amazing how much you discover about each other, because no one loves the same, which is why love is so intricately and infinitely beautiful.

I very rarely go nuts over a gacha, ok, I lie, but seriously, there aren’t that many I will play until I have all the pieces, and Foxes Traveling Heart gacha currently at The Epiphany saw me playing until I had everything, then I went home, unpacked all my extras, got my points and scampered on back to pick up the exclusive.  Which is now set up on the back part of my property because I absolutely adore every piece, and I love how well they mix with some of my other well loved boho pieces, including the new pillows from unKindness that you can pick up at the current round of Shiny Shabby.  
If you happen to be a lover of the boho culture and design do yourself a favor and check out The Epiphany and Shiny Shabby‘s current rounds because I promise you will find all kinds of goodies to decorate your secluded relaxation spot or trendy boho home.
The Décor Details
Carriage – FoxesTraveling Caravan – White – EXCLUSIVE @ The Epiphany

Campfire – Foxes – Traveling Caravan – Campfire-White @ The Epiphany

Flowers on Porch – KaerriParis Flower Market – Blue, Cerise, Pink, Yellow

Rugs – DIGSMalabar Rugs

Pillow Stacks – unKindnessShabby and Boho Pillow Stacks @ Shiny Shabby

Caged Vase – Scarlet CreativeNerites Plant (June Arcade item)

Fire – aa build and designLog Fire (Small) with resizer (MP)

Fireplace Art – unKindnessMetal Hamsa, Lotus and Elephant

Flowering Tree – AphroditeElegant Rose Potted Plant

Dogs – FoxesTraveling Hearts – Whippet – Brown @ The Epiphany

Books – Knick KnacksFrench Books Collection

Ashtray – SORGOpast gacha item

Mobile – FoxesTraveling Hearts – Starlight(Silver) RARE @ The Epiphany

Hanging Lanterns – FoxesTraveling Hearts – Lanterns @ The Epiphany

Guitar – unKindnessIn Tuned Bench w/o Blanket

Watering Can – kekeWatering Can – Beatle

Floor Plant – Heart Homes part of the Lotus Chillout

Flowering Cactus – KaerriLa Joya Flowered Cactus – Red (part of the new La Joya Collection)

Have a wonderfully wicked rest of your day and remember to always stay true to your style and make today’s trends in fashion and home décor work for you!

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