Taking a break from the winds of change to remind myself to breathe

For those of you who have been following my blog for a bit, you know I HATE change in any form, whether for good or bad.  I am like a dog that hates to be walked on a leash; ass end down with claws digging into the ground refusing to be moved.  Recently, however, I have had to be like a Weeping Willow blowing in the winds of change, reminding myself to breathe and allow myself to be swept away.  In case you haven’t been following along, the last few months have brought about a new relationship, that I also gained another teenage boy with, a brand-new computer, and as of last night, the boyfriend and I bought a new vehicle!  Which in the grand scheme of things, as I look forward to my future, is HUGE!  Granted, it isn’t brand new, and actually it’s 14 years old, but we stumbled into one of those finds of a lifetime; a 2002 Yukon that has been used by an 80+ year old woman to get groceries for the last 14 years and then parked in a garage and out of the hot Arizona sun.  It was never our intention to get something that old, or in fact, another SUV, but with the incredibly low mileage, near mint condition inside and outside and the smoking good deal we were offered, we couldn’t pass it up.  But after 6 hours at and around the dealership looking at all kinds of vehicles and then not being able to sleep until the wee hours of the morning because of that high you get after purchasing something like that, my body and my mind needed a break. 

I realized as I sat down again in this chair today in a tucked away corner of my home I hadn’t once taken time out of my day to just breathe.  That is usually the first thing out of my mouth to friends when they are stressed or going to fast, “Remember to breathe.”  Now that seems like a stupid comment I know, but think about it for a moment.  When we are going nonstop, and the stress level is bordering on critical we rarely stop and concentrate on our breathing.  In fact, most of the time people’s breathing gets more shallow and rapid, making your blood pressure rise which just adds to the issues, so it’s important to take just a few beats of your heart and concentrate on ten long, deep breaths.  I took my own advice finally, after the work space cleared this afternoon and I feel incredibly better.  It doesn’t take away the stressors, but it does remind you to slow down, even for a moment, which is sometimes all we need when the kettle is about to boil over.  I also am a big fan of retail therapy, and most often with me, that comes in the form of extravagant and nonsensical shoes, in SL and RL.  Rayne had the perfect ones for my mood this weekend and you just have to go pick yourself up a pair or two, or maybe all of them!  The shoes are exclusively available at the Stuff Style Sales Room, a monthly event brought to you by the creators of Womenstuff, Menstuff, and HomeStuff which runs until the 28th, so hurry on over before the goodies head out!
The Fashion Details
Shoes – Rayne CoutureBritania Heels @ Stuff Style Sales Room

Jeans – BlueberryProud Pizza

The Décor Details
Build – Dust BunnyWillow Farm House

Art on Floor – YS&YSEuropean Taste Gacha (previous Gacha Garden collection)

Dark Rug – Glam AffairJoy Collection @ The Chapter Four

Plants – Scarlet CreativeNerites Collection – Plant (June Arcade item)

Lantern – Glam AffairJoy Collection – Wooden Lantern – White @ The Chapter Four

Plant in Planter – AptB
Dalton Snake Plant – GIFT @ The Crossroads – July

Telescope – Random MatterLost & Forgotten Collection (June Arcade item)

Light Rug – YS&YSEuropean Taste Collection – Rug 02 (previous Gacha Garden collection)

Chair – Scarlet CreativeNerites – Metal Chair (June Arcade item)

Poufs – YS&YSEuropean Taste Collection – Pouf 4 (previous Gacha Garden collection)

Dreamcatchers – Ariskea[GypsySoul] Dreamcatcher Feathers and No Feathers @ TLC July

Sign – unKindness Believe sign

Corner Shelf – Random Matter Lost & Forgotten Collection (June Arcade item)

Have a wonderfully wicked rest of your day and remember to always stay true to your style and make today’s trends in fashion and home décor work for you!

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