Finding your bliss

My brain is so scattered lately that I don’t know whether I am coming or going, to be honest.  I am in the middle of a move, trying to get organized for blogging again, working SL classes into my schedule, keeping the two teenage boys occupied, and trying to help the boyfriend with things since he works so hard during the days.  I am not used to running around so much and I am having a hard time getting it all done when I am supposed to.  Now I know other people lead these crazy ass lives, but for over a decade now with my illnesses I had kind of stopped going nonstop as it can bring on flare ups of my autoimmune diseases.  Since neck surgery and my new relationship however, I seem to go go go all the time!  The circles under my eyes are dark and every morning I wake in pain, but I am happy.  It’s amazing to me how different life looks when you are truly in a state of bliss.  For the first time in a very long time I feel fulfilled in every area of my life, even though I don’t have all I want, I do however have all I need.  A loving partner, an amazing family, friends with beautiful souls, a roof over my head and a fledgling career I am excited about; what else could a girl ask for?!  Well, in most cases, probably more jewelry, clothes, shoes and kitchen goodies, but that is a whole other story!  I encourage everyone I know to find their blissful combination.  Which means, find the things that when combined together make you happy.  I didn’t realize that the only thing I had been truly missing was a partner to share my life with; dreams, heartbreaks and successes; in that I found joy.  I am not saying that without a partner I was incomplete, I am simply saying that being able to share my life with someone brings ME happiness, who knows, for you it could mean ending a partnership to head out on your own for a bit in search of your bliss.  No matter who you are though, strive to find your peace as part of your plan for life, make it a goal, or if that isn’t your style simply remind yourself every day to find your bliss, I promise it will be worth it, and your soul will thank you!

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