Keep watching, I’m still working on my masterpiece

I have a little story to share with you all about an absolutely wonderful experience I have had on flickr recently.  As bloggers and photographers we constantly strive to be better and to learn new tricks and to gain more and more knowledge as we grow.  Part of this development is to be accepted into groups that require an invitation, which I have often found to be incredibly daunting, as I am rather shy until you get to know me.  So that move of putting myself out there isn’t something I often do.  Recently I took a leap, applying for a group, that I honestly didn’t think I was ready to be a part of, so when the rejection notice came via flickr I was in no way upset.  It just marked another step in my journey and proved I was right about the skill level I had achieved with my photos to this point.  What came as a surprise, was the message on flickr from the owner of the group explaining her reasoning for the rejection.  I was completely blown away by the incredibly personal, and heart felt message I received along with an offer to help me along the way.  I am still in shock a few days later, because it is the first time any one has taken the time to explain why I was denied admission to a group, and because this note happened to be from someone I avidly follow!  Now, this wasn’t just a note about how I could do better, or an offer to help, it was also full of information showing me how much time this fantastic woman had taken on me!  I was truly humbled by the experience and I can’t wait to learn more, as well as maybe make a friend!  So on my 2 year anniversary of blogging (April 4th) I have decided that this is going to be the year of learning and progress for me as I strive to take better photographs and bring life to those creations given to me to show off to the world.

I poured over every word she wrote and the links she gave, and I have begun working on my masterpiece, which may take a lifetime, but a lifetime of learning is a life well lived, in my opinion.  So with a few tricks up my sleeve I tossed on this stunning ensemble from Amarelo Manga and wandered out onto the grid in search of an elegant café.  After a few attempts I spotted a destination named “Café Port of Dreams” and took the teleport on over to the region.  It is a gorgeous sim with lots of places to investigate, but the café at the end of the walkway when you load is an absolute must see.  Immaculately decorated and appointed in lush fabrics and tones with just the right amount of ambiance, the café quickly made it into my landmarks, which is a rarity, to be honest.  So join me on my journey of discovery this year and see where these lessons lead, and in the meantime, join me for a cup of coffee or tea at the Café Port of Dreams!

Body – Maitreya

Head – LeLutkaSimone 1.5

Hair – MinaStella

Skin – DeeTaleZKira

Eyes – IKONTriumph – Industrial

Lashes – Gaeline Fantasia

Earrings – MevaBoho Sept – Gold

Cape, Skirt, BootsAmarelo MangaKira

Cafe Port of Dreams

Have a wonderfully wicked rest of your day and remember to always stay true to your style and make today’s fashion trends work for you!

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