I love dawn through my kitchen windows

I don’t know about all of you, but I see dawn more times during the week than I would like, but the way the first rays dance through the windows into my kitchen always seems to take the edge off of the hour.  There is something magical in those first few moments as the sun peeks her head over the horizon to lightly strum her fingers across the landscape.  The world starts to stir as the warm rays caress the land and all those who live there.  It is the one peaceful moment I have in a day, so no matter how much I might complain, I do truly treasure those first few moment as dawn dances through my kitchen windows.

The Relay for Life Home and Garden Expo for 2016 has almost come to an end which means you have very little time left to head over and wander around all the amazing exhibits from some of the grids most amazing home and garden creators!  I will be bringing you several posts in the next two days as the event comes to a close just to give you all the incentive in the world to head over and take the chance to give a little back!  Every exhibitor has created at least two 100% donation items for the event meaning you get the chance to give a bit to a wonderful cause as well as pick up some great pieces, like the ones featured here tonight!  Do yourself a favor and check out all the wonderful posts listed on the website and stayed tuned for all the closing events, and make sure to join us for the Lantern release everyday at 4pm SLT!  Thank you for reading and happy shopping!
The Décor
Home and Garden Expo
Hamper, Groceries, Linen Stack, Timer, Muffins, Scale, Napkin Holder, SweepPal Vacuum – RARE – Irrie’s Dollhouse – Vintage Happy Homemakers Gacha @ The Home and Garden Expo – Hope5
Home Picture Frame – Irrie’s Dollhouse – Donation Item @ The Home and Garden Expo – Hope6
Chair – Quantum Luxury Homes – Wooden Dining Chair – Donation Item @ The Home and Garden Expo – Hope6
Rug – Thistle Homes – Oriental Rug – White/Beige – Donation Item @ The Home and Garden Expo – Hope2
Wall Décor – Outside the Box – Artsy Plates – part of The Bright Sitting Corner collection @ The Home and Garden Expo – Hope7
Chamber Pot – Dragon Pavilion – Animated 18th Century Chamber Pot – Exclusive @ The Home and Garden Expo – Hope7
Other Items
Stove – Apple FallPembleton Cooker and Accessories
Shelves, Trunk, Tea Tray – unKindnessPioneer Vintage Kitchen Set (LTD Event has ended so check the store over the next week as the pieces are moved in)

Home and Garden Expo – Stay up to date with all the latest posts!

Have a wonderfully wicked rest of your night and remember to always stay true to your style and make today’s trends in home décor work for you!

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