She is beautiful but deadly

“The true man wants two things: danger and play.  For that reason, he wants woman, as the most dangerous plaything.” Friedrich Nietzche

A beautiful woman is something many take for granted as being vapid and easily manipulated, which makes her in all reality, incredibly dangerous.  But a beautiful and intelligent woman is probably the most dangerous creature on earth, male or female, you won’t ever see her coming.  She ends up with the house, the money, and the car right before she disappears into thin air, leaving you aching and wondering how you could be so dumb.  But don’t worry, you won’t be the first or the last of her victims so at least you might find someone to drown your sorrows with because this is the kind of woman who will never get caught!

The Fashion
Body – Maitreya
Head – LeLutkaSimone 1.5
Hair – D!va – Amanda @ Collabor88
Eyes – IKONHope – Apex
Lashes – GaelineFantasia
Lips – Pink Fuel – LeLutka Lipsticks – Black @ Collabor88
Jewelry – Maxi Gossamer – Mata Hari @ Collabor88
Dress – Zaara – Thalia Draped Gown @ Collabor88
Pose – An Lar poses – The Helena Series @ Collabor88
The Décor
Build, Clock, Bookshelf, Lamp, Chair, Rugs, Phone – 8f8The Storyteller’s Burrow
Table – DRD – Special Agent – Secret Table (opens to reveal a weapon) @ Collabor88
Gun, Case on Floor, Box of Bullets, Loose Bullets – Soy – Pocket Gun and Prop Set @ Collabor88
Bars of Gold and Silver – A.D.D. Andel – Metal Bars @ Collabor88
Safe – A.D.D. Andel – Safe – Open – Black @ Collabor88
Have a wonderfully wicked rest of your day and remember to always stay true to your style and make today’s trends in fashion and home décor work for you!

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