Paris looks so much different 20 years later without you by my side

I remember distinctly the chill in the air, the tiny, cold snowflakes dotting our faces as we strolled arm in arm along the Seine that December over 20 years ago.  Seems like just yesterday in so many ways.  I can recall the conversations we had; the plans we made; the dreams we found in quaint bistros and cozy cafés with wine and the murmur of a foreign tongue all around us.  We were so young and innocent then with dreams filling our heads and no worries or cares in the world.  Funny how life has a way of happening and changing the landscape; forever changing our perspective on the world.  Now I walk these same streets with my hands buried deep in my pockets, a little over 20 years later and the chill seems to sink deeper into my bones.  But Paris will always hold our memories and be a monument to love and hope in my soul, no matter what darkness seeped through our doorways once back home.  We stood in a small graveyard off an unknown street and whispered about the people who were buried there once upon a time.  After wandering the rows I found the grave I was looking for and placed a single rose for him, his family, for you, for our family, with a wish that hope and dreams never die, because only people do that.

Amarelo Manga has been releasing bit by bit her gorgeous Winter Collection including this stunning new jacket and boot ensemble.  The Alina coat has a bit of a more dressy and slightly daring fit to it, compared to the others released this Winter, making it perfect for those almost Spring-like days that have been popping up around the Northern Hemisphere the last week or so.  The detailing on the coat and boots is fabulous and the set comes in a variety of colors, meaning you are sure to find your favorite, so head on over to the store today and get your hands on this gorgeous new ensemble!
The Fashion
Body – Maitreya
Head – LeLutkaSimone 1.5
Skin – DeeTaleZJolie
Eyes – IKONTriumph – Oxidation
Lashes – GaelineFelicia
Hair – Bold & Beauty – Kendall @ The Gacha Garden
Earrings and Necklace – Meva – Amya – Iron @ The Gacha Garden
Coat and Boots – Amarelo MangaAlina NEW!!! NEW!!!
Pose – An Lar poses – The Honour Series @ Shiny Shabby
I specifically went wandering on the grid looking for a beautiful, old city to take photos in, but I hadn’t planned on it being Paris when I first started, until I stumbled on an absolutely STUNNING sim of Paris. Paris Je T’Aime is a wonderfully picturesque city with little shops and cafés dotted through out the landscape with lots of places to spend some time with that special someone, or if you just want to get lost for awhile.  Stop by today and let them know what you think, I know I fell in LOVE!
Have a wonderfully wicked rest of your day and remember to always stay true to your style and make today’s fashion trends work for you!

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