The scene is set for a certain kind of something

I only have two and a half rooms in my house left to decorate and one of them happens to be the bathroom, which means when I saw this amazing new set from Zerkalo at the current round of FaMESHed I rushed right over and grabbed what I needed!  Between that stop, The Gacha Garden and Shiny Shabby I think I might finally be done with the house, other than the kitchen, which really only needs, a sink and maybe another cabinet.  People don’t realize sometimes how long it can take to design or set up a scene, so for a little bit of a diversion during the interior design stage I headed up to my platform to check out some of my newest goodies from WE LOVE TO BLOG.  When I hit “apply” on the HUD from Lushish Catz for the 7 Deadly Sin – Vanity set the entire post came together and a mood came over me a bit.  Recently, that one person who can always make me shiver with only his words has dropped back into my life and he has me quite distracted, so I have set the scene and I doubt it will take him very long to figure out what that certain something is on my mind.

The mood is set,
So you already know what’s next.
TV on blast,
Turn it down,
Turn it down.
Don’t want it to clash,
When my body’s screaming out now.
I know you hearin’ it,
You got me moaning now.
I got a secret that I wanna show you, oh.
I got a secrets imma drop em to the floor, oh.

No teasing,
You waited long enough.
Go deep,
Imma throw it at ya,
Can you catch it?
Don’t hold back,
You know I like it rough.
Know I’m feeling ya, huh.
Know you liking it, huh.
The Décor
Tub – Zerkalo – Vintage Spa Rustic – Bathtub @ FaMESHed
Rug – ZerkaloWinter Dream
Candy Heart – Zerkalo – True Love – Box w/Candies – White @ The Gacha Garden
Cup – striped mocha – slowing tea – garnet @ The Gacha Garden
Basket – Zerkalo – Vintage Spa Rustic – Basket with Towels @ FaMESHed
Puppy – JIAN – Posh Pups – Sandy & White @ The Gacha Garden
Small book stack – Zerkalo – Pile of Books 3 – small gacha @ Shiny Shabby
Fat Candles – Zerkalo – Memories Light – Candles @ Shiny Shabby
Vases – !Aphorism! – Floor Vases – RARE @ The Gacha Garden
Art – Zerkalo – Memories Light – Moscow – Frame2 @ Shiny Shabby
Aloe Plants – Kalopsia – Aloe Plaster Blue and Yellow @ The Gacha Garden
Flowering Plants – Kalopsia – Cloudy Frithia Pink and Blue @ The Gacha Garden
Door/Screen – junk.Picture Doors
Hanging Light – striped mochafairy dust pendant
Tall Sticks Vase – Pillows – Winter Princess: Floor Vase @ The Gacha Garden
Sheer Curtain – ZerkaloAll White – Canopy
Mannequin – Zerkalo – True Love – Small Mannequin Dressed (modified) @ The Gacha Garden
Large Book Stack – Zerkalo – Huge Pile of Books – RARE – small gacha @ Shiny Shabby
Caged Candles – Cherry House – No.7 – Ivory White @ The Gacha Garden
Heart Pillow – Zerkalo – True Love – Pillow @ The Gacha Garden
Tall Candles – Zerkalo – Vintage Spa Rustic – Tall Candles @ FaMESHed
Heart Box – Zerkalo – True Love – Gift Box White @ The Gacha Garden
The Fashion 
Body – Maitreya
Head – LeLutkaSimone 1.5
Hair – MinaPeggy
Skin – DeeTaleZ
Lingerie – Lushish Catz – 7 Deadly Sins – Vanity @ The Alchemy
Pose – an lar posesThe Sought After Series
Have a wonderfully wicked rest of your day and remember to always stay true to your style and make the trends in today’s fashion and home décor work for you!

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