These walls have seen blood, sweat, tears and dreams come true.

If the walls could talk in a young girl’s bedroom oh the stories they would have to tell.  Imagine the girl whose father put up a ballet bar when she put on her first pair of toe shoes with dreams of the Paris Ballet.  The hours spent practicing and dreaming as she thumbs through post cards from France, or reads her books or studying every move of the Prima Ballerina of her time all witnessed by the walls of her room.  Every where you peek inside this private space a piece of her dreams is revealed by the knick knacks around the room and most obviously by the practice bar that seems to be the center of her world.  The blood, sweat and tears from all the hard work paving the way to her dreams.  That is after all, the lesson learned as we enter adulthood, hard work is the key to everything, especially when reaching for the stars!  Stop wishing and hoping your dreams come true, and put a little effort in, the rewards will be well worth your blood, sweat and tears.

I don’t know if it’s just the time of year but so many places are looking for Home and Garden bloggers that I have spent the past few days busy filling out applications and checking out stores.  Along the way I discovered a few new places to shop and kept seeing new items at events, mostly Lost & Found.  There isn’t a word in the English language that I know of to describe the amount of cuteness at this round of Lost & Found and I just broke the bank on my latest visit.  The adorable vintage drawer décor set featured here is the newest creation from the minds at unKindness and comes with the lamp, drawer seat, drawer pillow storage, and two stacks of pillows, one with lace and one without.  This collection can only be picked up at the current round of Lost & Found which is where you can also find the vintage heater and radio which are two of my favorite additions to the house right now.  They are both perfect for the shabby chic look that I love as well as able to fit in with most décors with the numerous colors available, so go grab yours today!  I recently heard about a new home décor store called Knick Knacks and I wandered by the store at the Cosmopolitan Mall, checked out the flickr photos, and ended up at Shiny Shabby JUST to see what I could collect from the Rappelle toi de Paris gacha at the event.  Though after quite a bit of linden I still didn’t pick up a rare, I was excited to get my hands on a couple Uncommon pieces, which made my heart happy.  Ever since my first trip to Paris when I was just 18 I have wanted to return, and at points in my life the idea of running away there has crossed my mind, so this room has a special place in my heart as I think my dreams of Paris are becoming to high to reach, but that is what dreams are after all, the star just out of our reach, so I think I might just grab a ladder!  
The Décor
Build – Scarlet CreativeMoon Rise Cottage
Drawer seat, drawer lamp, drawer pillow storage, pillows with lace – unKindness – La Vintage Collection @ Lost & Found
Metal Tins, post cards, Paris book, stack of books, pillow with rose, Paris pillow, stars, Paris sign – Knick Knacks – Rappelle toi de Paris – gacha @ Shiny Shabby
Love wall hanger, table, flower frames – Bee Designs – Belle Jour – gacha @ Lost & Found
Ballet Bar – Stockholm & Lima – The Training Barre PG @ The Fantasy Collective
Rug – Glam Affair – Ruffle Carpet – gacha @ Lost & Found
Space Heater – six o’clock – Heater @ Lost & Found
Radio – Concept – Retro Radio *05 – Sea @ Lost & Found
Light – striped mocha – Fairy Dust Pendant @ The Fantasy Collective
Have a wonderfully wicked rest of your day and remember to always stay true to your style and make today’s trends in home décor work for you!

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