“It is early morning within this room; without, dark and damp; without and within, stillness”

Have you ever noticed that it isn’t just the humans in a home that will pick a favorite spot, or room; our pets have a habit of doing this as well.  I love tiptoeing through the house in the early morning hours to the rooms where the sun streams in through the windows and peek to see who has stolen in there to soak up the rays.  Seems the cats have laid claim to the sun room this morning, which explains why the dog is crashed out on the kitchen floor.  But as I take in the whole scene, I can see why, this has become quite a cozy space over the last week so I think I will take a break with the cats and have a cup of coffee while I read for awhile, come join me, there are plenty of seats to accommodate a few friends for a lazy, relaxing afternoon out of the cold and snow.

Winter Sunrise
Robert Laurence Binyon
It is early morning within this room; without,
Dark and damp; without and within, stillness
Waiting for day: not a sound but a listening air.

Yellow jasmine, delicate on stiff branches
Stands in a Tuscan pot to delight the eye
In spare December’s patient nakedness.

Suddenly, softly, as if at a breath breathed
On the pale wall, a magical apparition,
The shadow of the jasmine, branch and blossom!

It was not there, it is there, in a perfect image;
And all is changed. It is like a memory lost
Returning without a reason into the mind;

 As a memory stealing out of the mind’s slumber,
A memory floating up from a dark water,
Can be more beautiful than the thing remembered…
Let me not be so stunned that I cannot feel . . .
Imagination is but a little cup
It can hold but a minim part
Can a little cup contain an ocean?

My dreaming eyes return
The flower of winter remembers its own season
And the beautiful shadow upon the pale wall
Is imperceptibly moving with ancient earth
Around the sun that timeless measures sure and silent

Zerkalo continues their Wintery White theme with the new collection for The Epiphany and of course the pieces at FaMESHed which will be closing up very shortly, so do yourself a favor and go check them all out as soon as you can.  The Beauty in the Ordinary collection has several wonderful pieces in the gacha, including the RARE Lamp pictured here, as well as the Exclusive Jewelry Boxes available for 25 Epiphany points.  If you don’t know what those are, then check out the website >HERE< and find out what makes The Epiphany so special and so incredibly different from all the other gacha events out there!  Birdy stole my heart with these adorable cats, also available at The Epiphany.  The cats come in a variety of poses and the RARE is a really neat tree with lights and perched cats.  I wasn’t lucky enough to pick up a RARE, yet, but the ones pictured here are permanent decor additions to the house, but then again, this whole room is now locked and I dare say I won’t be changing much anytime in the near future.  Come sit a spell and warm up in the glorious rays of the sun with the cats and I.
The Décor Details
 Zerkalo – Beauty in the Ordinary Collection 
Candles on a branch, Clothing Rack, Floor Shelf, Lamp – RARE, Jewelry Box – EXCLUSIVE
 Birdy – Shabby Cats
Heart! – W&G
Hug-a-Bear – Brown
Zerkalo – Winter Dream Collection (more pieces than shown here)
Square Pillow
Ariskea – [Nordica] Frozen Crate – Violet
Other Décor
ZerkaloVintage Treasures
“Love” sign
ZerkaloWinter Evening
Love Curtains – Past Arcade piece
Moon Rise Cottage
Have a wonderfully wicked rest of your day and remember to always stay true to your style and make today’s trends in home décor work for you!

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