Always Deer – A Tribute to the late Alan Rickman

I remember standing in line at Barnes and Noble in 1998 to pick up the first two Harry Potter books with a big pregnant belly.  I remember the first being a constant companion during a mostly bed-ridden pregnancy and I remember distinctly the feeling of falling in love with the characters.  When my son was born, I read to him nightly from the books and through the years they became a staple of our lives.  When my son’s Father was killed, I know I buried myself in books and movies to escape my pain, and I know the movies were in constant rotation in the VCR.  My son identified with Harry, and the loss of his parents quite significantly and I believe there were times when the movies helped ease his grief as well.  As the years have gone by we both tend to do our movie marathons of the Harry Potter collection, curled up on my bed.  Waking yesterday to the news of Alan Rickman’s passing, was a shock to both our systems and as I looked in his eyes I could see part of his childhood slip away, and that mature young man suddenly seemed like a little boy again.  Though he had many other roles in his career, the one of Professor Snape, had a profound influence on my son and I’s lives.  Rest in peace Professor Snape, the world is still lit by the wands being raised in your honor.

The wonderful creative team at unKindness are also true Harry Potter fans and also were truly saddened to hear of Alan Rickman’s passing; and in loving tribute this wonderful  “Always Deer” sign was created and is available for everyone to pick up at the main store.  The biggest lesson I learned from the series is that love never dies.  We carry a piece of our loved ones with us even when they have left this world, and that even in the darkest of hours, that love can save us, Always.
The Décor
Build – Scarlet CreativeMoon Rise Cottage
Sofa – ARIA – Nixie Linen Sofa + Blanket @ FaMESHed
Rugs – DIGS – Malabar Rugs @ LTD Event
Roses – Ariskea – [Nordica] Hybrid Roses @ FaMESHed
Chest – Glam Affair – Wooden Chest – Shabby @ Chapter Four
Lamp on Chest – KaerriSticks Lamp – Small
Branch Lights – unKindnessStik Lights – Birch
Basket – ZerkaloAll White
Pillow (L) in Basket – ZerkaloHalloween in White
Pillow (R) in Basket – ZerkaloVintage Treasures – Paris
Ladder – Apt. B – LTD Gacha Ladder @ LTD Event
Hanging Wall Art – unKindness Always Deer – Tribute to Alan Rickman
3D Frame – Apt. B – LTD Gacha Flowers @ LTD Event
Clock – ZerkaloLove Nest Clock
Prints – Trompe LoeilClassic News Prints
Have a wonderfully wicked rest of your day and remember to always stay true to your style and make today’s trends in home décor work for you!

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