Unwinding with a little Bob Marley and unKindness

It seems like every year around the Holidays people I know are breaking up or fighting or something terrible and once again the heart break bug has struck but this time the victim was my bestie!  Now a girl can get protective when someone hurts her girl best friend, but when the heart gets crushed of your male bestie it becomes almost impossible to NOT go out and do a girl some harm.  But I maintained my composure, being the lady I am, opened the doors of my home, patted the seat next to me and did what best friends do, listen.

Lucky for us I had just pulled out the newest release from unKindness currently available at the Lost & Found event, which contains this fantastic “Couples Chair” with side by side poses making it perfect for you to sit and chat with your closest friends or special someone.  
The Battered Collection consists of the Chair, Couples Chair, Old Hatstand, and an Old Rug in 2 versions; with each piece uniquely designed and expertly textured.  Do yourself a favor and head on over to this new event to get this new collection from unKindness and check out all the other goodies as this is an event made for everyone, with a little bit of everything!
The Details
unKindnessBattered Full Set @ Lost & Found 11/22 – 12/1

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