When I’m Gone

I know I have been a bit short on words as of late but I have been adjusting to my new busy schedule with physical therapy, my teenagers schedule and figuring out how to fit in everything that I need to get done which has left me a little frazzled.  At those times, I find it hard to talk about much when I am just trying to keep my head above water and not wear myself out.  Now that it has been a few weeks, I am settling in and things are starting to get back to normal.  Yet, as things are getting better in so many areas of my life my love life continues to have issues, which means I once again am wondering why I even bother sometimes.  I love my single life but having someone to share things with would be nice, and finding someone who isn’t so practical that when things get difficult they “practically” move you out of the way would be nice.  I honestly believed that I had found someone who has on the same wavelength but I am so tired of PRACTICAL!  At some point in your life you have to take chances and not worry about what happens on the other side.  Isn’t that what living is really all about?  Taking risks; learning to leap; stretching your wings?  When you are heading over that hump towards the last half of your life it is time to prioritize.  For me, as I look to my son heading off to college my priority is myself and being happy and not waiting on someone to realize I am more than they ever thought possible.  While he works all the time and doesn’t find a way to fit me in, I draw further away and I have started looking towards what’s next for me in this life.  I will never stop chasing my dreams but it is time to stop chasing a person.  After all, dreams are made up of possibilities, he is just one.  He is my friend and I enjoy our time together, when he manages to find it, but I am done with Mr. Practical and I am now looking for Mr. Spontaneous!  And one of these days he is going to realize I have set my sights on other shores and I have a feeling he is going to miss me when I’m gone!

Looking for the perfect dress to make that special someone or the one watching you walk out the door turn their heads, then stop by Solaris Fashion Week AW15 and pick up this stunning new dress from Finale Couture, an exclusive to the event.  I love the seductive slit in the skirt and form fitting design.  The mesh moves well with you and with a few clicks of my alphas my Maitreya body and everything was set!  If you haven’t made it over to the venue yet you really should make some time.  The decor is beautiful and with over 70 creators you are sure to find designs the will fit perfectly into your Autumn and Winter wardrobe.
The Details
Body – Maitreya
Skin – DeeTaleZMarlow
Hair – ExileFull of Grace
Eyes – IKONTriumph – Industrial
Shadow – AlaskametroMatte Smoke
Lips – AlaskametroLiquidShine – Mocha
Earrings – MevaBoho – Gold
Dress – Finale Couture – Margo @ Solaris Fashion Week AW15
Bracelet – KunstDarek
Ring – KunstDarek
Watch – RealEvil IndustriesLUX Baroq 
SOLARIS Autumn Winter Fashion Week Landmark
You may view the schedule here. CLICK
Retail Area Slurl
SE Wings Retail Area: SOLARIS AW15 Fashion Week
50- Vero Modero
51- White Room Couture
52- Vanity House of Designs
54- Roosters n Chix
55- Yokana
58- Faster Pussycat
59- *Faisean*/ f:L
68- LX Essentials
69- FLRN Design
NE Wings Retail Area: SOLARIS AW15 Fashion Week
1- Mistique
2- MindGardens
3- DuJour
4- Dot Be
5- Styles by Danielle
12- PREY
13- Scandal Fashion
14- Sexical Moi
15- KL Couture
16- JUMO
17- Glam Dreams
18- shine
Wing Central Retail Area: SOLARIS AW15 Fashion Week
28- Glitzz
29- Paisley Daisey
30- Sascha’s Designs
31- Azul
32- FlowerDream
33- Petit Chat
34- Indyra
36- AlaFolie
37- LUXE Paris
38- Sonatta Morales
39- Liziaah
40- Rayne Couture
41- Lelutka
42- Ever
An’ Angel
43- Champagne!
44- Prism
45- Virtual Diva
23- Designer Showcase
24- Loovus
25- GHEE
26- Marquesse
NW Wings Retail Area: SOLARIS AW15 Fashion Week
6- Chocolat
8- Baboom Couture
9- B. Barbie Style
10- WTB
11- Finale Couture
19- Zuri Jewelry
20- LUNA Body Art
21- The Dark Fae
22- Athena Couture
SW Wings Retail Area: SOLARIS AW15 Fashion Week
46- Poisoned Diamond
47- Tres Beau
48- The Annex Boutique
49- BN Designs
50- Vero Modero
60- Wiked
61- Supernatural
62- Simply Me!
63- [Vitalis Animatum]
64- Baubles by Phe
65- BOND7
66- Carrie’s Lingerie
67- Posh Pixels

Have a wonderfully wicked rest of your day and remember to always stay true to your style and make today’s fashion trends work for you!


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