Song to the Siren

I don’t get to delve into my artistic side very often with my blogging, but when I get the chance to I am truly in heaven!  I know that gowns may not be the standard for attire on SL but there are many people who have occasion to wear them and I have fallen in love with many of the amazing creations designed for many of the competitions.  Virtual Diva has grown incredibly over the last year since I have been blogging for her and the newest release for The Instruments is truly a stunning design.  I hope you enjoy your moment with the Siren, but be careful and don’t stay and listen to her song too long…rumor has it she has been known to lure unsuspecting possible lovers to their death!

Song to the Siren
Tim Buckley
Long afloat on shipless oceans
I did all my best to smile
‘Til your singing eyes and fingers
Drew me loving to your isle
And you sang
Sail to me, sail to me
Let me enfold you
Here I am, here I am
Waiting to hold you
Did I dream you dreamed about me?
Were you hare when I was fox?
Now my foolish boat is leaning
Broken lovelorn on your rocks
For you sing
‘Touch me not, touch me not
Come back tomorrow
Oh, my heart, oh, my heart
Shies from the sorrow’
I am as puzzled as the oyster
I am as troubled at the tide
Should I stand amid the breakers?
Or should I lie with death my bride?
Hear me sing
‘Swim to me, swim to me
Let me enfold you
Oh, my heart, oh, my heart
Is waiting to hold you

The Details
Body – Maitreya
Skin – DeeTaleZJustine + Custom Lip Tint
Hair – Tableau Vivant – Jade @ Collabor88
Eyes – IKONCharm – Nymph
Shadow – Dulse Secrets On the Horizon #5
Blush – Shakeup!Deep Blush
Jewelry – JUMORive Gauche Diamonds
Gown and Headpiece – Virtual Diva – Flor @ The Instruments
I hope you all have a wonderfully wicked day, I happen to be off with the ladies today to the winery and casino, so wish me luck and hopefully when I return I will be a tad bit wealthier!

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