Autumn Treasures

Good morning world!  (Well when it was still morning, my day got in my way!) I woke up this morning freezing with all the windows open in the house but with how the weather is up here in the high desert of Arizona, it is going to be almost 80 today, so I won’t be closing them!  So I sit here in my Land’s End thick as hell, ready for Alaska, robe and thick socks sipping my coffee typing to you all before I head out for a rather busy day.  In case you haven’t noticed UnKindness has been releasing tons of wonderful items this month with several still out and about at events for you to pick up and since I was decorating for Fall at home I wanted to share a couple of the pieces with you all.

When I was over at Collabor88 earlier this month I fell in love with the adorable little cottage from Tromp Loeil that comes as just the cottage or with the surrounding garden with stone walls and walkways, trees and a pond, with only 143 land impact, which meant I finally got a piece of “fairyland” at home, and I knew exactly what was needed on my front porch!  UnKindness is sponsoring The Autumn Effect Hunt run by Depraved Nations this month that started on the 15th, which is where you will find this fantastic design, perfectly named the Spookers Brigade.  I love the trio hanging out under the window, I wonder what mischief they will be part of tonight!  If you are like me, at this time of the year, the want to just sit and watch Mother Nature at work, takes over and you find a tad bit of laziness setting in as life starts to move a bit slower.  Pull up a pumpkin seat and have a rest and enjoy the afternoon with me and the lush golden tones of Autumn with this fantastic set from UnKindness currently only available at Tres ChicThe Country Pumpkin set includes the chair, pumpkin and candle accessories and the tray for ONLY 325L for the duration of the event.  Each piece is sold separately as well and they range from 1 – 3 land impact, making it a perfect addition to your Fall decor.  Do yourself a favor and head by the store for the Hunt and while you are there check out what UnKindess has been up to lately, you won’t be disappointed!  
The Details
Home – Tromp Loeil – Le Fay Cottage and Garden @ Collabor88
Tree – HPMDGarden Tree 08 – Orange
Pumpkins, Candles, Chair – UnKindnessCountry Pumpkin Set @ Tres Chic
Fence and Cats – UnKindnessSpookers Brigade for The Autumn Effect Hunt
check HERE for all your hunt info   
Have a wonderfully wicked rest of your day and remember to always stay true to your style and make today’s trends in home decor work for you!

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