Turning the lights out, burning the candles

I hope everyone is having a great weekend and that you have wicked plans for the rest of your night, or at least some very good dreams.  I have been sick for two weeks now with a terrible cold on top of my other issues and I am just drained, but I just HAD to come and give you all one little teaser so you can head over to Apply Me before it’s too late!  As I was posing for this photo a song started running through my head, what’s new right?  And I just knew that the song kind of said what was on my mind.  So instead of rambling on tonight, I will let you know that this incredibly sexy lingerie set is at Apply Me for about 12 more hours from White Room Couture, it comes in 5 colors and has all of the latest appliers to make you all happy, so HURRY!  And….with a wink and a smile… ENJOY!

Natalia Kills
Shut your mouth and close the door
I wanna, watch you while you take it off
I’m gonna, take a blindfold put it on
And then I drop the leather to the floor
I said shut up!
Turning the lights out,
burnin’ the candles
And the mirrors gonna fog tonight!
Turning the lights out,
Tighten the handcuffs
And the mirrors gonna fog tonight!
My stiletto on your neck
until I, tie your hands above the bed,
you’re ’bout to, but boy don’t pull the trigger yet
nanana, I haven’t reloaded the clip
no matter
Squeeze hot, hold that pose
you know i like it do it sweetheart, im the boss
I’ll let you get close to it
I’m gonna make tonight a show
oh oh oh
I’ll make your love grenade explode
The Details 
Body – Maitreya
Skin – DeeTaleZJustine
Hair – MinaNoor
Lingerie – White Room CoutureCrossed Set @ Apply Me! CLOSES SUNDAY 9/20

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