I think my head just broke the desk

You know when you are going along just fine, life is good and the ONE has finally slipped from your every waking thought until something stupid suddenly brings the one who broke your heart crashing into your memory?  The last couple of days fall into that category.  Here I am thrilled with my new home and finally feeling like I am settled on SL after a year and a half and BOOM; all I can think about is the person I wish I was sharing it with.  Which in all reality, is just a stupid thought, but yet there it is.  Wandering the rooms thinking how much he would love it and how much I wish he could see it.  But that ship sailed years ago now, and even our friendship finds it hard to stay as real life pulls him further and further from our online life.  I actually contemplated banging my head on the desk, but with as hard headed as I am, I really do think I might have broken it, the desk that is.  So of course I headed upstairs to my platform to get away from the memories for a bit and happened upon this gorgeous new bodysuit from *LX*.

Can't remember to forget you

Lex, of *LX* is making it a mission to see what we can do with our mesh bodies and how mesh clothing fits with them, and when you need layers etc., this bodysuit comes in several standard mesh sizes as well as others for mesh bodies.  I am wearing the “Small” and not the Maitreya size however, because I didn’t have to have as many alphas activated, so make sure to try the size for your mesh body, the Fitted and the standard before making a decision.  The Gothica bodysuit is available in several colors and is wonderfully detailed on the top with awesome hot pants, which of course I just had to pull out my CFMB (if you don’t know what that means then ASK, because I am NOT explaining!) to complete the look!  This is a new mainstore release, so head on over today and grab yours and check out the other fantastic creations from *LX*!
The Details
Body – Maitreya
Skin – DeeTaleZJustine
Eyes – IKON – Triumph – Industrial @ Shiny Shabby
Hair – MinaGrace
Necklace and Rings – CaePhases
Bodysuit – *LX*Gothica – Teal
Boots – ReignPointed Toe
Pose – Le Poppycock – All Angles – B @ Chapter Four
House and Interior – 8f8 – The Storytellers Burrow @ The Arcade   
Today I sit and wonder if you ever look to the sky and think of your Bella Luna or if I have faded from your memory.  Always chasing my sun through the sky, rarely to catch a glimpse hoping one day to once again dance in his shadow.

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