Living Lush

Long before Lush by CoCo was a sponsor I was a huge fan of the incredibly well designed clothes in bold colors and shape defining lines and could be found grabbing the newest pieces as they were released.  From the start I noticed LBC had very similar thoughts about style and fashion trends as I do, which isn’t actually that common, so of course I followed along on the blog and grew to “know” the designer at least in the way she presented her store.  Since that time I have come to blog for LBC and can assure you that if you are looking for a classic, yet modern clothing line that fits your style and your life, then head on over and check out the store, and while you are at it, pop into the Designer Showcase and pick up this gorgeous new release.

Living Lush

The stunning draped Jungle Queen dress comes in a variety of colors as well as a luxurious tropical print all with fantastic gathered pleats and curve revealing design.  This dress can obviously be dressed up for those more formal nights out or dressed down for an evening on the beach, I promise a little salt water won’t destroy your look!  The top is slightly sheer adding to the sex appeal that this dress exudes with every sway of your hips.  Do yourself a favor and add this to your wardrobe, I promise you won’t be disappointed.

Encourage every woman to be audacious. This one sentence is summed up in the phrase “Live Lush”.  That is the long lasting mission of Lush By CoCo, even when it was apart of Lush Limited. Lush is not couture and there is no glamour. Instead the focus is on emphasizing bold options in our everyday choices. Though she may find her own path, the Lush Woman is bold and confident. She’s not afraid to show skin and be seen. She pays just enough attention to trends to be fashion forward, but knows that true fashion sense  relies on a personal style compass.  Lush is here to provide the tools necessary to follow that style compass. – Xi Zane – Creator of Lush by CoCo

When I hear DeeTaleZ has released a new and semi-exclusive skin at Cosmopolitan I scamper over as fast as my tele will take me so I can add it to my collection.  And yes, at this point that is the only word that seems to fit with the sheer number of skins I have picked up over the last year.  I am a huge fan and as most of my followers can attest, you will rarely find me in any other skin.  I have tried many and I used to switch them up a bit but with mesh bodies, I returned to my first love.  If you are looking for a skin that doesn’t show a break at the neck, or strange shading or if you don’t want to mess with add-ons to “fix” the issue then pick up a Maitreya body and a DeeTaleZ skin and the appliers, which are incredibly reasonable and I bet you will rarely change your skin again, just your makeup!  One of the things you can count on from DeeTaleZ as well is that the skins at events are in makeups that won’t be released again, for the most part.  I have found that when I buy an exclusive makeup version, I often head to the store to pick up the main one as well, it has happened on more than one occasion now and it is becoming a bit of a habit, but I can think of all kinds of worse habits than DeeTaleZ!    I love the freckles and soft makeup on Joice as well as the delicate, natural brows.  I have had people comment on my brows lately and I will let you all in on a little secret…. DeeTaleZ – Brow Option 2.  Not really a secret when they are given to everyone, but I think sometimes we get stuck in a rut and don’t try those head shapes, brow shapes etc.  And by the way, no, DeeTaleZ is not a sponsor, simply a brand I love that I don’t talk about very often.
Living Lush up close
If you haven’t discovered the amazing jewels from JUMO then you are truly missing out on exquisite jewelry that deserves a spot in your jewelry box.  Every piece makes a statement and many of them can be mixed and matched with each other.  Take some time to head by the store and discover JUMO and their stunning jewelry and couture creations, you will never be disappointed.
Hair – ElikatiraLillian
Skin – DeeTaleZ – Joice @ Cosmopolitan
Earrings – JUMOpart of the Gaia Bride Collection
Bracelets and Ring – JUMOMarais
Nails – Nailed It – Bonita @ Swank
Dress – Lush by CoCo – Jungle Queen – Strawberry @ Designer Showcase
Shoes – SYSY’sTied Up – Gold
Close Up – KaTinkAndrea Editorial
Full – KaTinkGabby
Have a wonderfully wicked rest of your day and remember to always stay true to your style and make today’s fashion trends work for you!

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