“Tight rope walker feeling dizzy”

As many of you know I used to do my fair share of roleplaying but since I came over to Second Life I chose to not RP anymore, however, there are days when I want to toss on a costume and not be me for just a little while.  Heydra’s newest release immediately put me in a bit of an edgier mood and suddenly the new wave, punk girl in me came streaking out of her hiding place!  In those teen years of finding who I was and what my style was, I might have dabbled in the punk look, including an 11 inch black mohawk so this ensemble today truly took me back to days of experimentation and dancing on the razors edge.  I will leave it up to your imaginations to figure out what that means, just know I had a blast running around the grid to some seedier locations last night and I might just be back again soon!


Needless to say, since music is often my gateway to inspiration, I hit youtube and started surfing through old favorite bands and stumbled across one I hadn’t thought about in years.  Every day after cheerleading practice (with my mohawk in a ponytail) I would jump into my car to drive home and the radio would automatically go to the local “alternative” station where my friend Scott worked as a DJ.  At exactly 4:55pm a dedication came across the waves that simply said, “Hey Crash, keep it under light speed!  This goes out to you!”  And by the time I hit the back roads of St. Louis County I was flying to “Crash” by the Primitives.  Of course nostalgia set in a bit deeper and an old tune by the same band started tiptoeing its way through my grey matter and seemed a perfect song to accompany this post!  (So yeah, hit play down there!  Follow me back to the 80’s)
I know I have been a bit quiet the last couple of posts but I have been feeling much like a tight rope walker on a razors edge with my life and which way to go.  Transitioning from IMVU a year and a half ago to SL wasn’t hard but, the learning curve when it comes to creating is HUGE!  So while I watched tutorials, talked to friends and listened I began to blog.  I have found my voice in that time and no longer feel like your run of the mill fashion blogger, which is exactly what I had hoped for when this all began.  In the back of my mind a dream formed that included me creating on Second Life and taking my hobby to a whole new level and making it a career.  It seemed a far off dream, but now, I stand on that tight rope, dizzy with happiness as I watch that dream become a physical reality.  For that reason you will all notice that I have cut my sponsor list down quite a bit to free up more time for me to create so that in the next few months I will be introducing you to a new creator and it will be ME!  I am incredibly grateful to all of my Sponsors and appreciate the opportunities each and everyone has provided me along the way.  The vast amount of knowledge I have gained from them is something I can never repay, but I hope by me moving forward they know I couldn’t have done it without them.  The days as a lost “punk/alternative” kid and all of the lives I have lead that brought me to Second Life were all spent following a dream, with my head in the clouds.  It isn’t always a bad place to be, because after all, dreams often do come true!
Style Card
 Body – MaitreyaLara
Hands and Feet – Slink
Skin – DeeTaleZMax + Custom Lip Tint
Hair – HOMAGE – Laith GIFTY @ Hair Fair 2015
Eyes – IKONCharm – Nymph
Shadow – The Stringer MausoleumRoxy – Speed Racer
Necklace – PekkaSupernatural
Earrings – GlintPlugs and Rings
Tattoo – The Wicked Peach – Always @ The Wizarding Fair
Jacket and Top – HEYDRA – Rockstar Jacket – Pink @ Stuff Sales Room 7/6 – 7/28
Bracelets – Indulge TemptationHalycon 1
Shorts – AwearDanne
Prop and Pose – WetCat Smoke
Have a wonderfully wicked rest of your night and remember to always stay true to  your style and make today’s fashion trends work for you!

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