Summer came like cinnamon, so sweet

Spring was something that never really hit the high country here in Arizona this year, but Summer is peeking around the corner and the temps are rising.  I remember Summer’s growing up in St. Louis and how as the temperatures grew so did the evening adventures into the Central West End; with its sidewalk cafes, retro clothing stores, restaurants and my favorite place, Vintage Vinyl.  Though I spent my teens listening to cassette tapes there is something so classic and pure about a record printed on vinyl.  I hate that my son and the majority of his friends have no idea what a “record” is, let alone know what to do with it if they ever found one!  Vintage Vinyl had cubicles you could play records in and I remember stuffing 4 or 5 teen girls into one to hear the newest release from one of our favorite bands.  Needless to say as I was out wandering around looking for a place to inspire me for a picture, I headed by Indie Heights, and to my surprise found Vintage Vinyl.  Though a little modern, I was immediately transported back in time and I closed my eyes for a moment and I swear I could smell the fresh pressed vinyl.  If you too have a love of records and are looking for a spot to just chill out and think about the times gone by, then head on over to your favorite Thrift Shop and grab an old player with a couple of albums and get nostalgic with me for simpler times.

Style Card

 Body, Hands and Feet – Slink

Skin – DeeTaleZ

Eyes – IKON

Shadow – Alaskametro – Tropika @ Anybody #7

Hair – ExileRising Tides

Necklace and Earrings – Maxi GossamerFern’s Trinket

Ensemble – AnaMarkova DesignsGretchen NEW!!! NEW!!!

Bracelets – Glint Womens’ Leather and Beads

Shoes – Zenith – Summer Platforms @ FaMeshed


I absolutely love the retro Boho feel of this fringe top with its tailored shorts.  Both are very well made, though I will say you might have some breaking through when wearing a mesh body when twisting and turning.  But as you can see here, it is very pose specific and doesn’t interfere with wearing it at all.  Do yourself a favor and head on by AnaMarkova Designs and check out all the gorgeous new releases including the one featured here.

Have a wonderfully wicked rest of your day and remember to always stay true to your style and make today’s fashion trends work for you!


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