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Ashmoot @ Sneak Peek

Hi ladies and gents, just in case you have put off heading over to this round of Sneak Peek, I am here to give you another brilliant reason to check out the event!
This new and exclusive ensemble by Ashmoot is a complete outfit from head to toe, which means you have to look no further than one folder to create a fantastic look this Spring.  The attention to detail is amazing and every item is well thought out and put together to create this gorgeous look!  I love the mesh on this flirty, soft dress, it has a wonderfully feminine feel to it, which I just love.  So do yourself a favor and head on over to Sneak Peekbefore it closes its doors on the 5th!
Hair, Dress, Stockings, Nails, Shoes, Phone, Jewelry and Purse – Ashmoot – #33 @ Sneak Peek

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