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All you urban fashionistas I know have been by Vogue’s New Year New Trends event already and have picked up a few things, but if you haven’t or just in case you missed these exclusives from Deceitful Innocence, Glo and Zhora Designs I will make sure you have a few more reasons to head on over to Vogue’s newest event!

Deceitful Innocence delivers perfectly again for their name with this gorgeous Top, Skirt and Heels ensemble, appropriately named “Lady in Latex.”  The skirt is very well made with a wonderful attention to detail.  I love the daring drape on this tank which has a wonderful chain halter and the color combinations.  The pattern is fresh and the colors are very indicative of the Spring season that is just around the corner!  I paired it up with the Enchanted Collection from Glo in Blue, also an exclusive for the event.


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