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It is that time of year again.  The time where I hear your voice through the whispered wind in the trees and I see your face reflected in the puddles as strangers pass.  When missing you becomes a poignant ache that no one can fill.   The brilliant monotones of the snowy fields dotted by evergreens and Christmas lights; illuminating the landscape as trees shimmer through the windows of houses on our street.


Pulling the stole around my shoulders tighter as I stroll through your favorite field, spying upon the families snuggled tight within their bungalows.  Memories of Holidays spent together and ones we never managed to make shuffle through my head on replay as the chill deepens into my bones.  Yes, that time of year when I miss you the most, yet at the same time, I feel you the most.  Which, in the end, warms my heart, fighting the…

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