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So I have decided to start a new little section, when I make enough posts that is, to start doing “Jaded Confessions” featuring what I am wearing when just out and about running around.  The “Getting Lost” posts, I am finding it harder and harder to have to time to just go get lost for awhile.  And I am discovering that being involved with events brings me to Designers and Creators I don’t normally come across.  A perfect example would be Lush by CoCo, though I hear she might be renaming that store.  If I hadn’t seen the amazing work at Sneak Peek I might have never wandered on over to the store and absolutely fell in love.


The simple, yet classic lines of the clothes at Xi Zane’s store immediately drew me in, as part of being an eclectic, and/or “Bohemian” dresser, the ability to have pieces to…

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